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3 Satisfying Positions for Riding Your Man

woman on top

So, you love your man, and you enjoy making love with him, but you might be a little self-conscious about taking that seated position across his lap.  Don’t fret; many women are hesitant about taking the reins of action when they first consider it.  The reality though…there isn’t anything to it, you just go with the flow and you are in control.  If there is trust in your relationship then you’ll find that you’ll fall right into the position and enjoy every second of it.  

When you are on top of your man you decide how far his love tool goes in your sweet spot, and you can work the moving magic for sensations you might never have experienced before.  The reason is pretty simple.  When you become accustomed to riding your man in full throttle, you’ll find that his schlong can come into direct contact with that Gspot of yours, something that doesn’t happen very often in the missionary position.  This is why some women love to be on top, just to direct the flow of passion!  

Look Sexy While Riding

When you’re up there in the saddle you don’t want to look like a sweaty mess (though some men might like that!).  You should prefer to have some sex appeal about you, so keep this in mind when you’re moving your body this way and that, all the while keeping him hard and occupied, and yourself wet and at the ready!  One way to do this quite gloriously, and with just the right amount of sex appeal is to learn how to ride your man chest to chest, one of the most prolific of sexual positions when the female is on top!  

In this position your lover can see every expression on your face, and this turns most men on.  You can arch your back as his hands glide around your waist to grasp you by the hips as you move, sometimes even putting more pressure as you come down on his hardness. This position will be great for you because you can experience intense clit sensations; of which help many women reach orgasm!  Remember now, stay looking sexy!

Positions for Riding my Man Harder

You can also try out the reverse cowgirl position which still allows you to hold on to that sexiness; maybe even more so in some men’s minds.  In this position your back is facing him, but he can reach around to cup your breasts and tease your nipples whenever he wants.  This position hits the G spot perfectly; while he gives you finger stimulation at your clit if you want it.  Either way, you can have an explosive orgasm when riding him in this way.  Of course, now that you know two of the most favored positions to ride your man you can experiment anyway you want with these, or you can learn even more.  You should be more than encouraged to try these out though, as they are hot and exciting!  

If you are really enthusiastic about giving him the ride of his life, and maybe even working your passion in a whole new fervor, then you might consider trying the “Frogger.”  It is new and creative, but it is fun, which is why I decided to mention it to you here.  In the frogger position, you are in a crouching position and you kind of hop up and down on his cock in this manner, going deep when you want and shallow when you’re teasing.  It is true; most men love the eye candy appeal of this technique, especially if you have a low light on.  The purpose is for achieving multiple orgasms, and you very well might.  

On Top is Satisfying for you both

Riding your man is simply satisfying for both of you, and it can be a new way of exploring one another fully.  Your lover might finally have the opportunity to make contact with parts of you that he hasn’t before, and vice versa.  You should simply luxuriate in the feelings of being with one another, and enjoy the orgasms that you experience.  Believe me, after riding him the first time, you’ll want to do so again and again!  Just totally let go and enjoy what your body can do for you!