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3 Sexy Ways to Be a Dominant Woman in Bed

how to be a dominant woman

Being the dominant woman in the bedroom can be a challenging feat for some women, they are so used to letting their man take the reins. What many women fail to realize is that their lovers would love nothing more than for them to take control and make love to them the way they want too. The pleasures that both partners can share in are joint, but for the woman in particular, becoming more dominant means allowing for more of what she wants, when she wants it. There is no shame in this at all, as again, the entire idea is meant to bring about raw, unabashed passion that both can revel in with one another. There are many ways to begin taking up such a position in the bedroom, and the very first one begins with your own mouth.

Tell Him What to Expect

You can choose a night of your own to be the one to tell him exactly what is going to happen. Now, mind you, you’re not going to do this in a way that is rude and demeaning, but rather in a way that is spicy and alluring. You can fall into a teasing role, and lure him in, asking him to give you hot, finger sex as you spread your legs for him. While he is doing that you can grope him as hard or as soft as you like, all the while molesting his finger inside of you with your womanly charms. You’ll find that he will definitely love it, and he will secede and allow you full control as well.

Manipulate His Mind

Toy with his mind and spill the fantasy that you know he wants to partake of. Every woman knows what her man wants more than anything else, and you can easily play with him and drop hints of what fantasy you’ll be giving him. You don’t even have to use words, just use your body to move over his. Allow your lips and tongue to be your guide as you partake of his manly flesh. You can complete the entire fantasy that night, or you can lazily draw it out, promising him more and more with each night to come. If he attempts to take more than what you offer then that is when you might tell him you’ll not play the game anymore. Again, he’ll fall to your charms and allow you to have your fun for a few nights in a row or even more!

Ride Him Hard

If you really want to leave an imprint on his mind you’ll ride him like you never have before, maybe even drawing on some BDSM in style and theme. You might want to blindfold him, or bind his hands as you ride on his stallion with pride and abandonment, telling him how good it feels and how much you’re going to enjoy fucking him that night. There are so many ways you can handle such a scenario, it really is all up to you, but if you’re going to be the dominant woman, then don’t ever stop. You want to take him to that edge over and over again if you can, reminding him that you own him, that you’re the one in charge. It is a promise that you’ll find your lover like a mere babe as you take him again and again. He’ll not be able to forget such a wild ride, which is exactly what you want.

You can be loving and soft, and yes, even that gentle, doe-eyed woman that he was initially drawn too, but being a dominant woman arouses a man in ways that very few realize. The men enjoy this as they find it far more intense than normal, marital sex. It keeps the relationship hot and livened, offering up new ways to get it on and feel satiated at the same time. If anything, when you become the dominant woman you’ll feel more alive than you’ve ever felt, simply because you’ll finally come to realize the prowess that lives within you, and the innate ability to control every little moment of passion, if that is what you want.