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5 Ideas for More Passionate Sex

passionate sex

Sex is sex, right? Wrong! Sex can be many things, and not all of them passionate. Sex can be a way of keeping the peace; a way of getting what you want; a way of showing your love. Sex can be many things to each of us, but the one thing we do not want our sex lives to be is boring. If you have been in a relationship for a while, the chances are that you know what he likes; he knows what you like; half an hour later, (if you’re lucky!) it’s all over and done with and you can go to sleep. But that’s not enough all of the time. There are times when we want passionate, rough, screaming-out-loud kind of sex, so here’s some ideas how to make that happen:

  • Use your teeth: There is a reason why vampires are so sexy; it’s all that neck-biting which can be highly sexual for most of us. Try nibbling gently with your teeth while using your lips at the same time in a sucking motion. Who cares if he ends up with a hickey? It’s almost as if there are pathways leading from the side of the neck and straight down to the genitals. It just feels so horny to have that sensitive area, where your neck joins your shoulder, to be nibbled and gently bitten. This is a guaranteed way to make your sex life more passionate.
  • Use your nails: men like to know that they are doing things right and there is no more direct a signal, (other than actually telling him,) that he is ‘hitting the spot.’ Run your nails up and down his back when he is inside you; use them to pull his butt even closer into you and he will be in no doubt that you love this passionate bout of sex.
  • Set the mood: instead of just jumping into bed, make it a really fabulous evening with a nice meal with candlelight and wine. Share a hot bubble bath and give his back a sensual rub while you are helping him get dried. The chances are that you will both be in almost a romantic ‘bubble’ by then end of it and you are far more likely to have passionate sex, than just your usual ‘quickie.’
  • Play some naughty games: we have probably all played strip poker at one time or another, but how about setting him a sexy treasure trail? Be in bed ready and waiting when he gets in from work and have a series of sexy clues leading from the front door to the bedroom which he has to answer correctly in order to ‘find’ you. The sex is almost guaranteed to be passionate.
  • Role play: think outside the box. You could do the nurse/doctor thing. Or if you think he would like to think of you as a naughty schoolgirl. You could dress up in a short black skirt, one of his white work shirts and a tie. Put your hair up, use eyeliner to paint some freckles across your nose, and bingo! Passionate sex, here we come!