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6 Ideas to Help You Become a More Sexual Couple

more sexual couple

Do you wish things were different in the bedroom and that you could both be more of a sexual couple? Sometimes ordinary life takes over from what we would like to achieve in our relationship and we find ourselves becoming ‘bogged down’ in your mundane life. When you were dating, it seemed easy to find the time to prepare for a date and you would spend the evening in delicious excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen at the end of the evening. The truth is that when you have been in a relationship for a while that things can become, if not exactly boring, let’s say predictable.

Add to that the worries about paying the bills and saving for a vacation, not to mention the fact that the car needs servicing, and you may quickly discover that you don’t have the time or the mental energy to be as much of a sexual couple as you used to be.

Here are some ideas, (none of which need be too expensive,) to help you when you think that things have got to that stage:

  1. Arrange a date night: Even if you are already living together and one cooks dinner for the other for when they get in from work, make a ‘date night’ once a week, (or month, whichever suits,) when you will both make the effort to get dressed up and look your best for your partner. Cook your favorite meal; turn the TV off, talk and enjoy each other the way you used to at the beginning.
  2. Have an early night: All too often we are guilty of staying up and watching TV even when there is nothing much on. Turn it off, stretch provocatively and say with a glint in your eye, ‘Fancy an early night darling?’ It’s almost guaranteed he will agree and you can be a sexual couple again for the evening.
  3. Buy a vibrator: This is almost certain to get the sexual juices flowing again between you. There is probably not a man on earth who would not want to watch his lover pleasure herself with the latest ‘rabbit.’ And let’s face it, you will be almost guaranteed an orgasm in your quest to be a sexual couple again.
  4. Learn the art of ‘sexting.’ The next time you have a day off, start sending him sexy text messages. Spread them throughout the day and make sure they get progressively more graphic as the day goes on. By the time he gets home, he will be that excited at the prospect of you being a sexual couple again, you won’t know what hit you!
  5. Play a naughty game, such as strip poker. Banal as this may be, it’s a great way of both of you becoming sexual and having a laugh at the same time.
  6. Run a hot bubble bath, and ask him to join you for a massage or back rub. Light some scented candles, and the chances are that it won’t just be your back that gets a massage!

If you both make the effort to create a little extra time in your day, and try to remember what got you together in the first place, then the chances are that you will soon become a sexual couple again.