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6 Ways to be More Flirtatious with your Husband

Do you remember the days when you were dating your husband; the butterflies in the tummy, making a special effort with your appearance before you went on a date, the flirtatious behavior to get his interest and capture it? They were heady and exciting days weren’t they? But the chances are that now you are married and are safe in the knowledge that you ‘have your man,’ the flirtatious behavior has all but stopped. After all why do you need to flirt now that you are married?

Because men are fickle creatures, who easily get visually turned on, that’s why. If you are not the one who is flirting with him and holding his attention, what’s to stop him developing a wandering eye when the next pretty girl flirts with him? Some women stop the flirting when they are married because they think that it always has to lead to sex, and they are tired/stressed/not in the mood. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Men obviously enjoy the physical release of having sex, but they also need to be safe in the knowledge that you do still find them attractive and that you want them.  

In order to keep the excitement and fun in your marriage, you need to go back to the dating days when it was all exciting, fresh and new. So here are six fun ways to be more flirtatious with your husband…who knows, you may even fall in love with him all over again!

  • Learn the art of ‘sexting.’ These can be fun and cheeky texts sent to him periodically throughout the day that let him know you are thinking about him. Flirting has the added advantage of getting you in the mood too, so if you are feeling particularly sexy, then let the texts get more outrageously flirtatious as the day goes on. He will be raring to come home to you by the end of it!
  • The next time you go out for a meal, go commando, but don’t tell him until you are half-way through the meal. He won’t be able to think about anything else apart from maybe having you for dessert! Who needs chocolate? (Okay, we do, but that’s a topic for another day!)
  • Devise a secret phrase between you that literally means, ‘I want you later’ and use it when you are in public. It should not be anything with sounds flirtatious; just an everyday phrase. So if you say ‘Is the car due for an oil change?’ he will know that you mean, ‘Tonight’s the night.’
  • Never forget the power of flirtatious glances; when you are out with friends, gaze into his eyes and lick your lips. Play with your hair, look from under your eyelashes and then look away again.
  • Leave him flirty notes in his lunchbox along the lines of…’Do you remember when we…? Well how about it tonight?’
  • Do the housework with no underwear on, making sure that you wear a skirt and stretch up to clean the windows; bend over to sweep the floor etc. Never before has housework felt so sexy and flirtatious!
  • Those ideas should all help to bring back the flirtatious sparkle which got you together at the outset; go ahead and enjoy the benefits of having him in your life long-term.