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A Man's Guide to Sensual Massage

Ask virtually any woman out there what will put her in the mood for sex, and the chances are that massage will play a huge part in her answer. Men, you need to forget about flowers or chocolates getting her ‘in the mood,’ (not that they don’t mean anything, because they do,) but if the plan is to get her wanting sex, then massage is the way to go.

Women may not do as many physical jobs as men, but they still work damn hard these days in order to pay the bills. Although a lot of the time that job may not be physical, mental stress can make us just as wound up and tired. This is why offering a massage after she has had a hard day at the office, or looking after the kids, is a much better way of getting her to feel good enough to want to make out with you.

Men (in general) want to have sex to feel good, whereas most women need to feel good in order to want sex. So get yourself off the merry-go-round of ‘will she, won’t she?’ and offer a lovely long back rub, followed by a neck and foot massage. She will feel so relaxed and good afterwards, that she will be far more likely to be in the mood for sex.

And if you want to make the massage one of the best ones she has ever received, then do not dismiss massage oils as being somewhat girly. These oils are specially designed to have different properties, such as calming, soothing, aphrodisiac etc. and so you will start your massage off well if you choose a suitable oil to go with whichever mood you are trying to create.

If you run her a nice hot bubble bath first and tell her to sit down while you help her to take her shoes off, then you are already on the right track. Pour her a glass of wine and carry it up to the bathroom and then give her some space to get undressed and relax in the bath for a little while. She will appreciate you not crowding her and will be far more receptive to you later on if you understand that she needs a little time to herself first.

After about twenty minutes, knock on the door and ask her if she would like a massage, and she is almost guaranteed to say yes. Help her out of the bath and wrap her in a nice warm, fluffy towel and direct her through to the bedroom. Have a spare towel already on the bed, not only for comfort but to make sure that you don’t get any massage oil on the bed as she won’t thank you for it.

Lay her on her front and make sure your hands are warm! Pour some massage oil into your hands and then gently begin to massage her back, working your way down towards the base of her spine, leaving the naughty bits until later!

Treat her with this sort of thought, and you will find that a massage can become your pathway to a more rewarding sex life!