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Advantages of Being in a Poly Relationship

advantages of being in a polyamorous relationship

So what is a “poly” relationship, I hear you ask? “Poly” is short for polyamorous, which basically translates to “many loves”, “poly” meaning “more than one”. There are thousands of people the world over who enjoy being in a poly relationship as it gives them the freedom to be able to have sex with other people, without the lying and cheating which would be involved when having an affair. In a poly relationship, both parties are aware of the fact that there are other lovers and actually enjoy having their physical and emotional needs met by more than one person.

Some people seem to think that being in a poly relationship would involve going away from the house to be able to have sexual relations with someone else, but in fact many couples in this kind of relationship actually have sex in the same house as their partner, and very often multiple couples will actually live together. For example, two women could be living in a house with their husband/long-term partner and having a relationship with each other, as well as both men. This is the true meaning of being polyamorous and as everyone knows what is going on, there is no need for jealousy or lies, which some would call a huge advantage.

Having an affair usually involves deceit, and with that comes hurt and anger. A poly relationship is above all else, open and honest and before any sexual contact takes place with another person, the agreement of all involved is required. These multiple relationships also allow for much to be learned, both about yourself and also your partner. It’s rare that you can share all of your interests and hobbies with just one person and so the chances are that in a poly relationship, you can further explore these with other people. You will also get exposed to interesting new things which you may not have come across otherwise.

You can also experience an extended support network, meaning that you will always have several people to support you, should the need arise. After all, different people have experience of different things and so the chances are that someone else in your circle will have experience of what you’re going through and will be able to offer adequate support. This also means that no single person is “burned out” giving support to several people because you will be able to spread that support out.

Another bonus of being in a poly relationship is the fact that you will experience an increase in your Individuality. When there are just two of you in a relationship, it becomes all too easy to just rely on each other for all your needs. You tend to always do things together, and have the same friends. However, when you're involved in a poly relationship with others, you become identified by who you are, and not by the state of your relationship. And of course a huge thing for many couples who enjoy polyamory is the fact that you have the freedom to completely explore your sexual needs and wants without the fear of castigation.

Polyamory may not be for everyone, but if it is your bag, then enjoy and just make sure that safe sex is practiced, along with regular health checks.