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The Basics for Going Down on a Woman

We often hear about men wishing they received more blow jobs; well it’s just the same for women when it comes to the subject of oral sex. Virtually no woman I have ever spoken to would complain about her partner going down on her too often! The trouble is that too many men do not view going down on a woman as being an important part of their sexual repertoire. If they only realized how giving a woman oral sex would be reciprocated with an increase in the number of blow jobs, then I’m sure most men would be brushing up on their technique almost immediately.

I don’t think I need to go through the hygiene issue apart from to say that I would hope there wasn’t an issue! If there is, then simply enjoy a shower together before the action moves onto the bedroom. Actually, that’s not a bad idea anyway as many women are still a bit shy about exposing themselves completely when it comes to oral sex, and so having a shower together can pave the way if she is a little shy. On the other hand if she is anything but shy and simply desperate for you to go down on her more often and you are the shy one…then here are some basic moves to make.

If you’re not that experienced at going down on a woman then believe me when I say that practice makes perfect! And just as there may be parts of your anatomy that are too tender to be overstimulated, then the same goes for the female genitals. Many women find direct stimulation of the clitoris a little too much to bear, but this is one of those things which will be determined by her reaction. Watch and listen and you will quickly discover just how firm, or soft, a touch she requires and this is true whether you are going down on her or manually stimulating her.

Foreplay starts way before you get to the stage of having oral sex with her, so make sure she’s comfortable and ready for you to carry on. Spread her labia (outer lips) with one hand and locate her clitoris. Presumably you will have already felt it before so this shouldn’t present a problem. Use the flat of your tongue to lick up and down either side of the clit to begin with and be guided by her as to how much she wants. If she grabs the back of your head and pushes your face into her, then it’s safe to say she really wants it!

A lot of women like the feeling of fingers or a vibrator inside them at the same time as receiving oral, so stiffen your first and second finger and plunge them in and out of her while your tongue continues to stimulate her clitoris. Imagine you are drawing shapes with the tip of your tongue and, starting with ‘A’, you should try and get to the end of the alphabet before you stop. You may be surprised at how quickly she gets to her destination, and wonder why you didn’t try going down on her sooner!