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Becoming a Master at the Sixty Nine Position

master the 69 position

This is definitely one for the ladies. We all love oral sex, at least most of us. However, the majority of the time we are down blowing our guy’s, and giving them all that sweet, divine pleasure while we are getting none in return. Well, we aren’t unless we fuss around and position ourselves for 69. Some couples don’t appreciate this position enough, and others just don’t know enough about it, and then there are those that have never even heard of it. We are here to enlighten you on something that is fun, hot, arousing, and will have both partners cumming for as long as they can keep it up. Below you’ll find 3 easy ways to get into the 69 position, one that will soon become your favorite!

Tips to Appreciate for the 69 Position

Once you’ve gotten the technique down, you’ll be loving it for the rest of your life. You have to let go of your inhibitions here and just relax. Don’t worry about bodily flaws, or even body size. Your man loves you and wants to make you feel good, and you want to do the same. So just have fun, relax, and let what happens happen!

The most common way to do this is to have your buttocks aimed towards his face, while your mouth is positioned directly over his manhood. Make sure that your own lovely lips are at tongue contact for him. You can balance your weight on your elbows here.

Now, sometimes your guy can take up the strategic position of placing his cock in your face, while his mouth is down on your clit. Put simply, he is just trading spots with you. You can lavish his rigidness with your tongue while he sucks away at you from down below. Just don’t forget about his needs if you feel you’re getting close to reaching climax. Sometimes this is a problem for some couples.

You can also take turns for 69. While this isn’t simultaneous action, some couples enjoy taking turns licking and sucking their partner, because this allows one of you to focus on another body part besides just the genital area. For example, if you’re blowing your man, then perhaps you can position yourself beside him so he can finger you while you are going down on him. He can even give you stimulating clit action as you suck.

The variety is endless, but the bottom line is for women to learn to relax and not stress. So many women have issues with body image, weight, and inhibitions to where they can definitely put a damper on the fun. Just as we said at the beginning of this, just let what happens take place. Don’t fill your mind with clutter, but rather, just let the feelings take you over. You might find this gives you one of your most powerful multi-orgasmic experiences ever. Buckle up and enjoy the pleasurable ride!