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Below the Belt: Let’s Play Dirty

play dirty below the belt

We have all allowed the naughty girl who is sometimes buried deep within us to surface now and again, right? And wasn’t it fun? So how about making the most of that fun time by getting down and dirty below the belt with your partner more often? And let’s face it girls, if he decides to ‘punish’ us for playing dirty, then we can just learn to take our medicine.

Since the advent of Fifty Shades of Grey, many women have become hugely interested in trying a bit of bondage when they want to be below the belt. Unfortunately, although the trilogy did not portray this lifestyle very well, a lot of women out there are looking for their very own Christian Grey, and one way of getting your man to be like that is to be a ‘naughty girl’ and learn to take your punishment. Of course, as we always say, it's important to discuss with your partner what your limits are and keep everything safe and consensual. 

One of the most exciting things about allowing your lover to tie you up or maybe handcuff you is the fact that not only are you vulnerable and dependent on their desires, but also your imagination can run riot as you anticipate what his next move is going to be. So just imagine turning the tables on him when you want to be a dirty girl and get below his belt, and surprise him by being the one in charge for a change. Use your belt or a spanking paddle to instill a little discipline on your naughty partner. 

Many men simply adore the idea of having to ‘take it’ from a sexy and strong woman and so the next time you have a romantic night in, make sure you have a box of toys for some below the belt action at the side of the bed. Light some candles, draw the drapes and set the scene with some sensual bedding such as satin sheets. Throw on some fetish lingerie or a sexy costume for some role play. Bondage is not only about not being able to reciprocate; it is also about the touch and sensation of certain things against your skin.

Playing dirty can also be about what you say, not just what you do, so make him a nice meal and whisper to him what you are going to do later on. And if you come out with some risqué and below the belt jokes, then so much the better. Then tell him you are not wearing panties and carry on eating. He will be so worked up by the time you have finished the meal, he will want you for dessert!

Lead him through to the bedroom and tell him he’s been a naughty boy and he’s about to see just how below the belt you can get. Order him to lie down and tell him he’s not allowed to touch himself or you while you strip him. Attach his wrists and ankles to the bed and then rather than telling him, show him just how you like to play dirty below the belt. Straddle his groin and start touching yourself so that he can clearly see, and smell, your arousal. When you want to, mount him for the ride of his life, talking dirty all the while. He will adore you for this below the belt play; you see if he doesn’t!

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