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Common Sexual Fetishes You Must Try

garter stockings

Firstly, what do the words “sexual fetish” actually mean to you? Do you know the correct meaning of those words? A sexual fetish is described as:

  • A strong and unusual need or desire for something
  • A need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement

A true sexual fetish often involves having an inordinate desire for something to be included in your sex life which most of us would find unusual, such as a need to have a fish in the room, (it does happen!) or the fact that someone can only get turned on when they are wearing a girl’s headband, (again, unusual to some, but necessary for others.)

Common sexual fetishes often have a blurred line between being a true sexual fetish and just being seen as something of a “turn on.” A lot of these seem to be seen as far more acceptable these days than they used to be. One such common sexual fetish is the desire to be tied up and spanked, or to be the one doing the bondage and spanking. This desire is very often seen as acceptable and is nothing to be looked down on compared to times in the past when it would have been a hidden away activity, and not something you would wish to talk about with your friends or work colleagues.

Since the popularity of 50 Shades of Gray, more and more people are willing to try this common sexual fetish, so why not find out for yourself what all the excitement is about? Another very common sexual fetish on the part of men is to make love to a woman who is wearing spike heels along with sheer nylon or fishnet stockings, and a garter belt. This must be one of the easiest of sexual fetishes for you to try. After all, what woman needs an excuse to go and buy new shoes? I certainly don’t! If my partner asked me to wear some nice shoes while making love, I would be out of that door and shopping for all I was worth!

Another quite commonplace sexual fetish is the desire to make love to a stranger. This can easily be incorporated into your sexual repertoire by booking a naughty afternoon at a hotel for the two of you and then pretending that you’ve never met. Allow him to buy you a drink and then drag him off to the bedroom where you can fantasize about making love to someone who has only bought you one drink, and that you’ve never spoken to before. Give each other different names and occupations, and recapture the excitement you felt when you first met.

Many people also get turned on by the idea of having sex in a public place. This is one common sexual fantasy where you have to take care not to get arrested! If you have a secluded area in your garden, then try and take your love-making to that area. Maybe pretend you’re on a beach or somewhere else that’s public. Just take care not to be too rowdy when enjoying this common sexual fetish as that is what could lead to the neighbors calling the police!