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Describing the Swingers’ Lifestyle to the Vanilla Crowd

describing the swingers  lifestyle

How would you explain the fact that you are now enjoying/going to start practicing a swinger’s lifestyle? Do you think other people would be shocked and that this is something which you would be better off keeping just between the two of you? This is something which only you can answer. It depends greatly on how open you are with your friends and family about your life in general. Many people simply cannot cope with hearing details about someone else’s sex life and would rather you kept things to yourself.

The truth is that we all need to talk to someone now and again just to lighten the load. But what if your best friend would be shocked about what you’re doing, would you be able to cope with that shock/disgust which they might display when you confide in them? I’ve often found that sometimes it pays to be a little discreet about what you say and who you say it to. Your friends and family probably have a huge amount of respect for you and I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to change that. So how do you go about being as honest as you can under the circumstances?

Well only you will know what their likely response is going to be but you can always test the waters by bringing up the subject of swinging in a roundabout manner. The old scenario of “my friend was telling me about…” can always work here and should allow you to gauge what their reaction will be. If you feel it’s going to be favorable, then go ahead and tell them about your exciting new swinging lifestyle. 

One of the things you will need to be is honest. Tell them that above all else you will be planning on always having safe sex and using condoms. Explain to them that both you and your partner have thought long and hard before embarking on this way of life and that you have complete and utter faith in each other about your ability to cope with it. This is likely to be one of the things your friends will be worried about and that’s understandable really as they wouldn’t want you to get hurt. So tell them how exciting it is to have the freedom to explore areas of your sexuality without feeling that you are doing something wrong. 

The chances are that they might even end up feeling envious that you have such a good, strong relationship and are able to deal with this. You never know, you might even get them interested in this way of life too and could even end up arranging swinging parties with them if they are the kind of people you would be sexually attracted to. Imagine how cool that would be? You already have a fair idea of their sexual history and whether you would be able to trust them, so why not take the plunge and ask if it’s something which they’ve thought about too? 

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