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Does Body Image Impact Your Relationship

body image

Let’s face it ladies, how we feel about our bodies can really impact how well we relax between the sheets. Many of us that feel negative about our bodies than positive. However, there are ways that we can improve our outlook. We can perceive ourselves in a highly fashionable light, even when we are butt naked, no matter what we weigh. So, it is time to quit feeling sorry for ourselves and really start living and exploring our sexual identities.

Those of us with poor body image need to consider is that our significant others don’t even have the same perception about our bodies as we do. It is also true that your lover more than likely enjoys every inch of your body and prefers you naked with him, but it is your own false ideals holding you back. This is a common issue. Regardless of how they really feel, it isn’t always about them but rather, it is about how we feel about ourselves, and that needs to come first. So, the reality is that this is all about how we feel both inside and out.

When you suffer from a poor body image, of course, your self-esteem is going to be lower. You might feel uncomfortable without clothes and hide your body in behind as many baggy shirts and saggy sweatpants as you can find. This is not going to help your love life though ladies. Body image is known to be one of the biggest culprits which interfere with enjoying sex with your partner, and this just shouldn’t be the case at all. I know that when you don’t feel good about yourself, you’re definitely unlikely to initiate any sexual activity at all.

If this isn’t bad enough you’re more than likely not in sync with your own body and the pleasures that are dying to be awakened either. This is because you’re preoccupied with how your lover is viewing you. The first step in getting around this adverse idea is to begin feeling good about you, no matter what your body size is. Easier said than done, right? Damn right it is. However, it isn’t impossible.

Now, you need to learn to move past issues of getting undressed in front of your partner, and even learning how to not be afraid to have him touch you simply because you feel fat. You’ll find that if you make yourself vulnerable and allow him to make you feel good, you’ll soon forget about trying to be perfect. Below you’ll find three tips which might help you get the right mindset when it comes to letting go and enjoying sexual contact with your partner.

  • Find a focus on what makes you feel good about yourself. Forget about those things which you look in the mirror and go, “ewe, is that me?” Accentuate on the positive attributes you have. Maybe your face, your hair, or even your ass. Make those stand out so you can begin to like yourself.
  • Develop awareness of various body types. No woman is shaped the exact same way, everything is different. The sooner you learn that no female is perfect and everyone has flaws, the better you’ll begin to feel about yourself and your appearance inward and outward.
  • Begin an exercise regimen. Exercise can improve your self-esteem, and make you feel energized. The best part is that just a little motion can begin getting you in shape. So start working up a sweat. Even if your body doesn't change right away, this little step can often get you to start feeling better about yourself quickly. It can also help you start becoming healthier which is obviously a positive thing for both physical and mental health. If you really want to improve upon yourself, this can be the first step to the new you!

Women all across the world worry about their body image and how their bodies may have changed since having a child can be one of those worries. They worry if their partners are still going to love them if they get chunky. Some stay obsessed with these notions. Don’t let these adverse thoughts consume you. Focus on the tips listed and start making positive changes in your life to feel better about yourself. Once you raise your self-esteem you’ll see a big difference in your sex life. Communicate with your partner, and just learn to love yourself no matter what.