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Engaging in Married Fun is More Than Possible

married fun

When you’re married, and you’ve been together for quite some time you might think that there is no such thing as married fun any longer, but you simply don’t realize how wrong you might really be. Reading articles on romance, sensual engagements, and even erotica stories can enlighten you and turn you on, but the issue is: “are you taking this to the bedroom for the pleasure you should?” Too many couples fail to pay enough time to one another and alas, they lose that chance at some leisurely married fun that just might enliven them to the point of getting more than a little kinky.

You’re never too old for this so-called “married fun,” and you’re never too young to try it on for size either. Love never has eyes for a number, and when it comes to making love and being passionate, age is just that, only a number. So, for those who would say they have surpassed ever having any married fun again, I’d say “you’re so wrong.” You can always make love with your partner and partake in games that will excite and stimulate you, maybe in ways that are new too.

So, What is Married Fun?

You might be wondering just what I am implying by “married fun?” This could be anything that a couple wants it to be. Maybe you chase each other naked through the house, or maybe you sit and play dominoes in the nude. There is no limit to the fun you can have, other than your own imagination.

The end goal is to be aroused, of course. Who doesn’t want to be? If you are a hot natured person then you should take every opportunity you can to make every second with your significant-other count, and all in positive ways. You can plan out activities together which could definitely be equivalent to meet the idea of married fun. Whether it be a tryst on a hike deep in the woods, or a quickie in the back seat of the car, sharing time together and enjoying one another’s company could be the greatest married fun of all. Sometimes a trip together is the most exciting thing, and often unexpected too!

A Trip Away

Going away together can enlighten and delight you, actually allowing you to feel young and rejuvenated again. Maybe your hubby has told you of a surprise he has in store but hasn’t gone into much detail. Whether it be for a weekend or a week, this is definitely part of married fun that sets your heart racing. This allows women to feel appreciated in many ways, more than a man can ever know! If it is the first time you’ve been on a trip since having children together then you really should make the most of it and have as much fun as possible! It has to be just what married fun is all about, without a question.

For most men, making their wife smile is what they are after. In this respect, all men realize how much a woman loves to be wooed and going away alone can bring back that inspiration and youthfulness that they might have thought they’d lost. In the end, it is the moments of married fun and harmony that do make marriage great and keep the love and passion alive.

Toys to Spice Things Up

Maybe now is the time to add a new sex toy to your bedroom play. If you are engaging in some fun outside the bedroom, then it will often naturally lead to a more spicy sex life as well. If you haven't added a new sex toy to your collection lately, it could be the perfect thing to add a little more fun to your bedroom life. Maybe you and your partner want to try a new kind of sex toy, like spanking or bondage. Or, maybe you just need a new upgrade to the old vibrator you have had for 15 years. If you don't even own a vibrator, well we highly recommend one as a way to really turn things up in the bedroom. Start out with a small and discreet clitoral vibrator, if you want, as we think just about everyone can enjoy some pleasure with those. It can also be less intimidating to bring that into the bedroom, as compared with a big dildo for example. You can read more here on the topic of how we think every woman needs a vibrator in her life.

Whatever you choose to do with your spouse to bring the fun back to your relationship, communication is key! We mention this often in our blog posts but think that many relationships can benefit from more communication above all else. So, sit and talk to your partner about your hopes, desires, dreams, fears, and all the things that you used to discuss before work and kids made life too busy. Enjoy each other and watch the fun come back to your relationship!