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Erotic Words for Voluptuous Love Making

erotic words

Verbal expressions have always been common among couples, but when they are expressed during love making, under the right conditions, these can lead to some of the most mind-blowing orgasmic experiences you might ever find yourself satiating your mind and body in. They can actually be explosive, just to say the least. I know, on a personal level that I find nothing more hot and arousing than hearing some of the dirty expressions falling from my lover’s lips. It just does something which is difficult to explain. There is no way to put these specific emotions into words.

Now, if we turn this around, men gain the same type of emotional response when women speak these rather dirty expressions to them during love making. There really is no dividing line here, and it can be looked at as a psychological aspect of love making in the end. Now, if you’ve been too close-minded, or maybe even afraid to open up and verbally express what you’re feeling, now is the time. There is no doubt that your lover is going to appreciate it far more than you can imagine.

For starters, some of the more common phrases that you might hear, and which will surely rock you’re lover’s world are listed below. Remember, there is a time and place to say some of these explicit expressions. Normally your body will guide you and you’ll find yourself mimicking these statements against your own will. Look at it as a way to relish the bodily pleasures you might already be experiencing with your partner. There have been cases where women have actually reached orgasm from open mouthed kissing and these very implicitly sensual verbal expressions.

Suck me harder: The phrase itself sends a bolt of electricity through anyone who can imagine the scene playing out in their mind. This can be directed toward the male or female, it is totally unisex. Just allow your mind to drift and find yourself sprawled across your bed with your man going down on your sweet spot. Of course you’d say something like this, if you have the courage to do so. Give it a try!

I want you to fuck me harder: This is a phrase that is a turn on, though it could be considered pretty foul by conservative women. Who cares though, because if verbal expressions like this make you get wetter and want more pumping action, then say it to your heart’s content. Hell, sing it loud and proud! It only falls on your lover’s ears anyway, so spill away and allow yourself to really explode during love making!

I love the way you taste: If you fully enjoy sucking on your lover’s dick then say so. If he tastes just absolutely delicious to you, and it turns you on the longer you move your mouth up and down his love tool, you owe it to him to make him hotter. Men really do love to hear what we are thinking when we are making love with them. This has been mentioned before. Just let the words come to you and don’t hesitate, whisper them in his ear as you raise yourself up from him…then go right back to his shaft. He’ll have one of the best orgasms he’s ever experienced!

I want your cock inside of me:  The majority of women are just too bashful to tell a man to put themselves inside them, so they wait. Of course they get wetter and hotter with the wanting of him, but they are cheating themselves. You’ll find if you tell your lover this he’ll be more than ready to slide up in your sweet spot of love. Allow your body to clench around him and move with the pleasurable waves. There is no doubt that many couples cum together when they talk like this.

Simply Enjoy the Pleasure of Each Other

You can always do and say whatever makes you feel best, but whatever you do, don’t hold it in. Verbally expressing your pleasure can be just as satisfying as your orgasm itself. When you feel yourself on the edge tell him you’re going to cum all over him. Don’t be afraid, but rather, go with all those pent up emotions and allow them to flood over you. You choose your verbal expressions and go with the flow. Satiating your mind and body in sexual bliss has been proven to be a great stress reliever, as well as an extraordinary way to learn more about your body.