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Female Masturbation: Myths and Tips

female masturbation tips

Masturbation is one of the most natural of things, and as women, touching ourselves does more for us than just sexual elation. Now, there is no way to really quote you statistics, but through sex polls themselves, it is found that there are thousands of women who enjoy touching themselves in the most sensual and arousing of ways. Here, there is no right and wrong way, and you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. One of the best things for women, when they do masturbate, is the fact that they can feel totally natural in their own skin, despite their size or looks.

It is also a great way to figure out what you like, so that you can help teach your partner just the right place and right way to touch you.

Of course, there are many myths associated with masturbation, but being a woman, I can tell you that many of them are indeed just that: myths. Here, in this work, I want to dispel these false ideas and truly open the door to discovery. There are so many ways toward reaching self-pleasure; it really is startling, to say the least.

Myth: Women Don’t Enjoy Masturbation as Much as Men

This is a big one here. There is this idea that women don’t gain the same fulfillment as a man does when they please their own bodies. The truth of the matter is that women are more relaxed and reach orgasm far more easily when they arouse themselves than when a man is responsible for the arousal. Women do enjoy masturbation as much as men, but they don’t tend to obsess about it the way a man does. For many, it is a way of relieving pent-up stress and tension, of just letting go and being authentic.

Myth: Women Can’t Achieve a Real Orgasm Without Penetration

This is a doozy here and one that is totally wrong. Many men believe that women can’t satisfy themselves in the same way without a man’s penis inside of them. This is just not true. While a man’s love tool might feel extremely good (if worked right) a woman can finger herself and find that spot just as well as his dick can; maybe even better. You see, when you’re relaxed you’re more attuned to your bodily responses, meaning you just might have several orgasms without ever having penetration.

And, for many women, external stimulation is what makes them orgasm consistently and most intensely. So, if you are a woman that struggles with achieving an orgasm from just internal stimulation, try out different external masturbation techniques and see what might help you get off.

Myth: Women Have to Orgasm to Feel Satisfied

While having an orgasm is like heaven for a woman, it doesn’t solve the entire issue. When a woman makes love with her partner she is connected to him, but sometimes she doesn’t feel that he connects with her. Men believe that simply having a woman cum means everything is peachy keen. Well, guys, it isn’t. Women crave a soul moving orgasm, something that really unites you. When they arouse their own body they are connected to themselves in a way that promotes a holistic form of orgasm; one that is cleansing, refreshing, spiritual, and just earth shaking. The reason is simple. They aren’t holding anything back. So, we as women know exactly how to unite our mind and body to not only have an outstanding orgasm but to feel emotionally satiated too. This is something that is lacking in many relationships.

Just A Little Something for Us Women to Contemplate

You should never feel shame for masturbating, and I do mean never. As mentioned earlier, caressing and indulging your senses through sexual touch is a totally natural thing, and it should be perfectly acceptable. This is especially true since many men do it every single day. It is even healthy for you, improving your circulation and enriching your mental capacity as well. This also teaches you to love your body and to learn how to appropriately express self-confidence in yourself unclothed, so it is a great thing!

If you want a little extra help with your masturbation, we suggest using either a clitoral stimulator or a rabbit vibrator to hit both your clitoris and your G-spot. These tools can help you pleasure yourself and can also be a nice addition to sex with your partner. Read more articles relating to using vibrators to help enhance your sex life.

You should view this personal, private time as a moment to indulge and relax. You don’t need anyone’s permission to touch your own body. While it fosters self-exploration, it also introduces you to a way of nurturing your own emotions. This is something that boosts your mood, increases your sexual libido, and can impact your day-to-day life in a positive way. So, go ahead, alleviate your stress, and lavish your body with your own hands. Self-gratification never felt so good!