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Finding that Sweet and Sexy Cowboy

sexy cowboy

They aren’t far off from the movies, not in my book.  If you live in Texas, or anywhere that has farmland for that matter you’re sure to run into some sexy cowboy at some point and time.  You might not even be suspecting of it when it happens, but believe me, …it will happen.  Some women think that the sexy cowboy simply doesn’t exist, but he does.  There are those men who just long to wish they fit that bill, and then there are those that really do.  In order to run into a man such as this, one that floats around in those fantasies in the back of your mind, you have to know where to go.

The farther south you go, or perhaps the farther west, the more your chances increase for running into a truly authentic sexy cowboy.  I’m not speaking about a wannabe, but those that have that ripped muscle from lassoing cattle all day, or working out under the burning sun.  Those are the ones that really do know what being a cowboy is all about. While we might like to fantasize that it is the life of splendor, it really is a life of hard work and early hours.  Still, you better believe that the vigor a sexy cowboy from the west has will keep him up all night if it is required.

They Know How to Dine their Women

Another thing that Northern girls might like to think is that a sexy cowboy will know how to swoon them right off their feet, and he very well might, but you have to catch his attention first.  Cowboys’ aren’t like other men, they’ve done seen and done plenty, and just a beautiful woman isn’t going to catch their fancy.  No…you have to be bold and sure of yourself to don those female cowboy boots and make a move on a real sexy cowboy!  So, how do you do it?  Do you think winking and smiling seductively might charm him?

Most cowboys have big hearts, and when it comes to women in general, they fall for the personality over the looks every day of the week; it is just in their makeup. So, you don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous but your personality definitely has to be. There’s the answer to your question ladies! Woo him with your thoughts and talk to him like you’ve known him all your life, but in that sweet, buttery tone you lay on other men.  He’ll be ready to take you out in no time.

Under the Sheets with a Sexy Cowboy

Once you find your dream come true you have to start wondering how you’re going to get him under those sheets.  Now, some you don’t have to wait very long because they might be just as excited as you are. Others are sweethearts and you have to wait for their southern charm, and yes…they do have southern charm.  There is always that one unique sexy cowboy who is just respectful and wants to do right by you.  So, while you might be dying to fuck his boot heels to the nubs, you just have to be patient.  

There is always a time and a place to get the moment right.  When it comes to making love to that sexy cowboy, due diligence will and does pay off my dear!  They will give you that rough, bronco ride you’ve been dying for, and then they might just give you a diamond ring to go along with that long mean ride.  These men are an entirely different breed and for many women, they are the fantasy that many of us wish could come to light. If you want to get a little bit closer to that fantasy, just take a flight out west and wait for the real deal to walk your way.  Certainly, if you handle yourself the right way you won’t be waiting for very long at all.