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Foreplay Fun

There is no doubt about it, I love for my man to make my body cream, but I want him to take his time, and therein lies half of the problem. For some reason, men just get caught up with their erections and wanting to put it in way too soon. This happens for 90% of females. It simply never works out the way we really want it too. Now, this isn’t to say that we don’t enjoy feeling that thrusting of their maleness inside of our hot center. However, undoubtedly, we’d just rather they put down that lubrication and get us wet naturally so that we could experience the full ride.

I don’t think that anyone could question that women definitely love it when a man takes their time to fully tantalize their bodies. Women want to know that they are provoking their men to hardness, not something else. We also want to be lured in more seductively. To a woman, there is nothing hotter or more sensual than when her lover teases her and seduces her mercilessly. Items such as feather tickler, fluffy handcuffs, and even rope are fantasies which some of us dream about.

The basic point is if our men could simply allude to actually putting their hot members inside of our wet sweetness too soon the pleasure would be magnified tenfold. When a male lover puts all of his energy and heart into turning his female partner on, there are billions of fireworks. The orgasms are explosive, the body heat is on high, and the desire for more can’t be squelched. We are willing partners in their hands. However, when they grind up on us, pushing their hard cocks against us repeatedly, without even properly kissing and petting us, we are definitely not that willing, but we still go with the flow; of course, to make them feel more manly and wanted.

Foreplay and Making Love

The real art of seduction for a woman comes in when a man’s hands become a decorated paint brush, stroking her body in a way that makes it sing with delight. This doesn’t come from his impatient, bulging cock dying to burst free and get inside of her. Slow and sweet, that is the way we like it, and this simply can’t be expressed enough. When our lovers truly make love to us, the feelings are beyond splendid. Our orgasms are hot and sporadic, raining down on our male partner in an almost never-ending pattern. It just takes a little dedication on their part that is all. Sometimes we just can’t help but wonder, “is that really too much to ask for?” We definitely don’t think so, not if they want that good lovin! When a woman is loved right she becomes playdough in his hands. At this point, any female is more than willing to satiate his every burning need.

Slow and seductive is what we need. Gently and slowly kiss us all over. Then, move to just the erogenous zones that get us the most worked up. Lick our clit and play with our nipples.

Sometimes a new clitoral vibrator is just what spices up foreplay even further. Warming us up is what helps make the act of actual penetration even more erotic and passionate. Get us all warmed up and we will be wanting it even more badly.

Foreplay and Kinkiness

We definitely all love a little kinky, friskiness during foreplay, and our sexual pleasure can be lifted if this is carried out right. It is the imagination alone that can lead us into an aching, yearning need of wanton desire. As women, we do wish to feel that pulsating love tool pressed tightly against us, grinding against our hottest, wettest parts, and making us heady with delirious sexual pleasure. It is the simplest of things, such as that initial kiss during foreplay, which leads us into those solicited moments of sweetness, forgetting everything around us, and allowing us to abandon our former inhibitions so that we might experience pure and utter sexual fulfillment.  

Adding some spanking fun to the mix, a blindfold, or some bondage toys can bring a little kink to the foreplay and really turn up the heat.

As soon as the male species learns that slow is a good thing, then our own sexual exhilaration is all but guaranteed!