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Foreplay Moves You May Be Forgetting


Sometimes we may all be guilty of getting into something of a rut when it comes to love-making and foreplay. It is sometimes too easy to do what you know turns your partner on; after all, we are all tired and working long, hard hours. It’s just easier to press the right buttons, knowing that you are going to get a result. But just now and again, don’t you long for something a little different? A chance to say ‘kiss my ass’; but meaning it in a completely different way to the understood meaning?

Because this is one of the oft-neglected areas when it comes to foreplay. Many men do not realize what a rich source of nerve endings are to be found in the butt cheeks, and consequently tend not to spend too much time over it, unless there is the promise of a little back-door action of course! This is one of the reasons that the butt cheeks are much favored by those who enjoy a little light spanking. So why not say ‘kiss my ass’ tonight?

The butt cheeks have long been held as a highly erogenous zone in many areas of the world and are in fact seen as more sexually stimulating than breasts in certain areas of Brazil. The nerve endings which are present in the butt follow the same neurological pathways to the brain as those which start in the penis and vagina and so it is understandable to see why it should be so arousing to have him kiss your butt!

When we become sexually aroused, blood pools in the genital and butt area and if you literally get him to kiss your ass, (maybe with some kneading and squeezing at the same time,) then he will be encouraging further blood to come to the area. When we climax, the more blood which is present within the butt and genital region, the better, as generally this will cause a stronger climax, and therefore happy days all around! Because the nerves in the butt are buried under a thicker layer of skin than in other areas of the body, the butt cheeks can literally stand up to not only squeezing, but of the firm, five-fingered variety.

This is one of the reasons why people seem to be able to withstand quite a lot of pain when they are being spanked in this area. Try starting off with a little light spanking during foreplay, (which will still be enough to make blood rush to the area and cause a strong orgasm.) But if you also employ this during actual intercourse, not only will you be able to stand even more pain, because of the endorphins which your body will produce as natural pain-killers, but you will also encourage even more blood to flow to the area, resulting in a longer, stronger orgasm.

Go on, tell him tonight…’kiss my ass!’ You will both benefit from it!