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Fun Sex Games for Swingers

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Fun Sex Games for Swingers

It’s true, the swinging lifestyle is one that is filled with spontaneous adventure and exhilarating sexual encounters with partners that you might not ever see again. This is half the fun of this lifestyle. Often it has been stated that becoming a swinger is not for every woman out there, especially if you find yourself intimidated or offended by the brashness of other female swingers and their affections for your partner.

However, for those couples who do enjoy this lifestyle, there are many delicious activities for drawing out that darker side of your emotions and igniting those blazon flames of sheer wantonness. These erotic games and sporadic sensual activities can tip the scales for desire and allow for uninhibited orgasmic pleasures without limitations. Shall we take a peek and see what some of these fun games might be?

Guessing the Love Tool?

This is not a swinger’s game for the faint of heart, to be sure. However, most women who relish in their sexual bravery and exploits are fond of contributing their ideas and thoughts with this one. The way it works is that the female who is volunteered is blindfolded and placed in the center of a swinger’s group. She is then deliciously teased and taunted by the male swingers, sometimes with them caressing her with their naked cocks against her skin, or even with oral stimulation.

She also has the option of stroking various male members, attempting to see if she can decipher between each dick. It is funny how many swingers are able to find their lover even when blindfolded! Women just have a tendency to know these things, and they remember how their lover’s play tool feels to them. Now, men on the other hand, well that is a totally different story!

The main goal to the game is for the women to be able to identify their partner’s love tool from the various others they come into contact with. Is it easy for everyone? Probably not, but it definitely is sexually satisfying and will send a swinger’s hormones raging for a clear certainty.

Spin the Bottle

While this is a fun sex game that is ages old, in the swinging lifestyle everything becomes brand new and enticing. Of course, no one is forced into participating, but rather, the swingers of choice normally volunteer to interact in the game. You spin the bottle just as you do in the traditional game. Now, the difference here is that whoever it falls on has to perform an act on the person to whom they are engaging with for the evening. They might never have met before, know anything about each other, etc; which makes it one of the hottest past times among swingers there is. This is normally one of those games that are carried out at a swinger’s weekend party and during inclement weather even. Sometimes it happens to be one of these drunken tryst’s types of activities to encourage sexual satisfaction. Further, this particular game can last for hours or just half an hour, it is all up to the participants.

The Black Hat

This is simply sinful, but definitely, one where any swinger can say they were hotter than fire in the end. This is more like a deviation of “Truth or Dare,” with some minor alterations. As you entered the hosts' house for the evening you jot down a truth or dare on a piece of paper and drop it in a black hat. At some point during that evening, all the swingers gather to play the game. The fun is in how no one knows who will draw what, or how erotic it might be.

You could be dared to strip in front of every single swinger participating, or you could even be requested to suck the cock of the man next to you; or vice versa. Most swingers do engage with multiple partners throughout the evening during this game. Again, this is personal preference; no one has to do what they don’t want to.

Unlimited Fun in the Swinging Lifestyle

Now, most who might have been questioning the swinging lifestyle might have made up their mind to go full speed ahead after reading about some of these sexual games and fantasies. Others might change their mindset altogether. Swinging is erotically challenging, and it is uninhibited. You will reach new levels of orgasmic pleasure, and you will feel total satiation during every experience. If you keep an open mind, you’ll love what you find within this lifestyle.

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