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Give him a Strip-Tease He Won’t Forget!

strip tease for your man

There is something incredibly sexy about a woman giving her loved one a strip-tease but unfortunately, some women are simply too shy to have the courage to do it. And that’s a shame ladies because you really are missing out on something. A man will absolutely adore the fact that you are slowly and teasingly removing your clothes for his benefit. Trust me, he won’t care whether you have a couple of lumpy bits or your belly isn’t everything it used to be, because he will be so wrapped up in the fact that you are putting on a show for his benefit and his alone.

I know thinking about doing a strip-tease can be a daunting prospect but if (just for a moment) you can try and pretend that you are in an acting role, it does help. If that means you have to get a wig, or maybe dress in clothes you wouldn’t normally wear, then what the hell! I am a firm believer in everyone making an equal effort into making your sex life as exciting and different as it can possibly be. Because it is when boredom sets in, (on either side) that people can start looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side. And that is when affairs can start. Well, take the initiative and give him a different woman every week, simply by pretending to be someone else when you do a strip-tease for him.

If you need a little help to get into the right frame of mind, then, by all means, relax with a glass of wine, (or two!) beforehand. Line up some of your favorite tracks to be played on the music system. Think along the lines of Marvin Gaye etc. In other words, songs that aren’t going to be making you move too quickly. The whole idea is to be slow and sensual in your movements when you strip, and not look as if you are in the running to win a marathon!

Try and make sure that you have some sexy fishnet stockings to wear, maybe along with some thigh-high boots and you will be certain to cause a stir when you strip those beauties off! You don’t have to spend a lot of money though to create the right effect for your strip-tease; your man will just be glad that you are making the effort to do something different for him.

And if you would really like to give him a strip-tease he’s not going to forget in a hurry, then consider tying him to the chair he is going to be sitting in. If you ‘force’ him to have his arms behind his back and keep them there with handcuffs, not only will he feel ultra horny, but also you will effectively be stopping him from masturbating while you strip, which will only serve to increase his excitement and anticipation.

If you find that you enjoy the stripping for your lover, you may consider taking one of those pole dancing fitness classes to learn some new moves. You can even buy a stripper pole for your bedroom that you can attach and remove as needed to really bring up your stripper role-playing.

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