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Hot Steamy Sex When You Want It

steamy sex

Hot Steamy Sex When You Want It

You don’t have to be promiscuous to want to enjoy steamy sex on your terms. If you are engaged with your body and you understand your own needs, then of course you won’t hesitate to ask your partner to have succulent sex. If you want to indulge yourself and have hot, steamy sex every night then it is your prerogative to do so. Also, just think of how slow and tantalizing you can really make these salacious evenings with your lover.

Sex doesn’t have to happen fast at all, but it can be at your pace, in your time. This prolongs the sensations and the orgasms! For some, you could spend a day in your mind, just thinking up delicious moves and erotic enticements for your lover. All of these do eventually lead down one path and that is to satiate your personal desires for hard, throbbing sex. Nothing wrong with it, and in fact you should be reveling in such rapturous entertainment for yourself and your lover!

A Few Tips for Hot, Sinful, Steamy Sex!

In the Shower

Has your lover ever come home from a long, hard day, and immediately wanted to shower? Has it ever left you wondering just why he needs to clean up so quickly? You can appease your curiosity and put your mind at ease by simply joining him in there, simply because you know you want too.

Just strip down, and sneak in behind him, telling him how desperately you’d been wanting him all day long, and how you’d touched yourself when you’d thought about him inside of you. You’ll see that you have nothing to worry about when he is game and rises to your desires instantly! It is fun and exciting, but don’t let apprehension get in your way of being naughty, just go for it!

You can even bring in some sex toys made for sex in the shower to elevate the play to an even higher level.

In Nature

There are some couples who view getting kinky in nature more exciting than even role-playing games. There is something about the great outdoors that simply revitalizes you and captures that inner mistress inside. If you are in a discreet area, with a great view, then feel free to start up some exotic foreplay with your partner if he is a willing participant.

You’ll find yourself wet with wanting him, and if you both can’t consummate there, just imagine how heated it will be later. There is nothing more exhilarating than stoking the fires of passion only to have them satiated on a moment’s notice. This is one of those spontaneous instances and one where he will thank you later!

In the Ocean

Of course, we’ve all had those steamy sex scenes in the Jacuzzi, or the swimming pool, and possibly even the bath-tub, but how many of us have actually gotten it on in the middle of the ocean? No; not on a sailboat, but in the cold, watery depths below? You can, and you’ll be glad you did. Now, if you want to have a boogie board with you for support, that is fine, but what can start off as something fun and playful can really turn adventurous.

You certainly don’t want to venture out too deep, but you want to be far enough away from others to fuck if you want too. Of course, this has to be one of the wildest adventures of them are, and for a saucy, steamy sex scene, you really can’t beat this one! Try it on for size and see how well you can float together. You might be amazed at the sensation.

Just a Moment of Thought

Of course, these are all meant for fun, and yes, that oh-so-hot passionate flavor. You can definitely enjoy one another, no matter where you are, even if that is sitting across from one another at a bistro. There are many ways in which you can have sex, without ever touching too! Just use a couples vibrator. The goal is to always be open minded and ready to try something else on for size. Try some new bondage toys, or a new vibrator. It's easy to steam up your relationship if you try. This keeps the boredom away and allows for your relationship to be a sizzling one! Steamy sex can be when, where, how, and whatever you want! Just think out of the lover’s box.