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Hottest Ways to Turn Your Man On

turn on your man

I think some women enjoy being in control, and I am one of those women. To me, there is nothing more arousing than to be the one that creates my lovers hard on. Surely you know what I mean. You know there are those moments where he grabs you and wants to suddenly get it on, but yet you’ve done nothing to even tempt him into it. These are those times when I say he has developed a spontaneous boner; not because of me, but because he is just a man. For some reason, men just seem to become stimulated for no logical reason. This is so unlike a woman. We require a great deal of erotic attention before we start feeling that rapid heartbeat, erratic breath, and of course, our wetness building in between our legs. A man, on the other hand, can be standing at attention just because he saw a naked woman. So strange… I want to illustrate to you here how you can be the key to why he gets aroused and ready. You can then have the say-so on what is going to happen in the bedroom, on the couch, in the car, the shower, or wherever you decide you want to get in that hot, lust-filled quickie.

Tip #1 Tie him up just for the hell of it, he’ll enjoy it! I don’t mean to hurt him, but just to let him know you’re in control. You can do this with silk stockings, some bondage restraints, or even rope. Make sure his hands are above his head so he can’t move them. You can even elevate his head so he can watch you excite him, but, I guarantee you his passion will already be rising.


Tip #2 Grope him, but don’t give in. Squeeze his ass cheeks in public, or rub your tits up against his arm, but don’t let him touch you. If you’re in a restaurant, and you're wearing sandals, caress his crotch with your foot, applying just the right amount of pressure. Move up and down him, smiling all the while. You can torment him to your heart’s content and know you’re the cause. Later, at home, you can take it to the next level, if you make it there.


Tip #3 Dress up in your sexiest teddy and do a pole dance for him. The rules are no touching. You can even tie him up again if you want, this will keep him focused on you, and rest assured, as you dance on that pole you’ll be seeing his love stick rising nicely. If you want to ease in every once in awhile and give him a stroke, it’ll be the best time in his life!


Tip #4 Talk naughty to him. This doesn’t have to be filthy talk, such as saying you want to fuck him. It can be soft and sweet, with just the right cliff hangers thrown in to turn him on. Let him know how bad you want him inside of you, but don’t do it. At least, don’t cave until you’re dying for it yourself.

Of course, you don’t have to follow these tips to the 10th degree. You want to mix it up and make it your own, but they are wonderful ideas to go by. For too long, women have been at the mercy of men and their whims. I think it is time that we have the sexual power over them and only give in when we absolutely want to. Passion never felt so good, and believe me, these ideas will allow for some of the hottest, multiple orgasmic experiences you’ve ever had. He’ll want you to be in charge all of the time.