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How Do I Touch Myself?

how do i touch myself

How do you touch yourself? Do you imagine your lover trailing his mouth and tongue against your skin, in all the secret, yet sweet crevices that you long to have explored? Do you then pretend your hands are his hands, touching yourself in those areas that arouse your mind and body and send you spilling over to ecstasy; or, do you prolong your enjoyment, arousing your tiny little button of love to the point where you fill you’ll explode only to ease off of it, enjoying and relishing in how you can continue to bring yourself to that edge?

How we touch ourselves varies from person to person, but one thing is for certain. If you are a woman who feels good about herself and what her body can give her, then you’ll not ever hold anything back; not in lovemaking, and certainly not when you touch yourself. You’ll find too, your lover will want to have a role in this, and you should feel comfortable enough to allow him to participate, even if that is only watching.

Men love for Women to Touch Themselves

They love to hear about it, a man that is. What they love more is to actually get to see you making yourself excited and getting wet from that deep burning desire. This turns a man on and makes him hard as hell too. Most men have been known to actually stroke themselves as they watch their lover petting and moaning. It is a natural act, but one in which a sizzling tension builds. The secret too is to not really talk either. You can moan and writhe all you want. You can even keep your eyes closed while he is watching you, but you can’t escape him.

Some women enjoy having their partner caressing them somewhere else as they coax themselves to orgasm. However you might want to take it, it is totally up to you, but you do want to have some vulnerability there, no matter how long you might have been with the other person. At the same time that I mention touching yourself around your partner, you can actually masturbate anytime you want too, for your own needs. It is just so intense when you know he is right there watching you, rather than imagining that he is. It is half the fun too!

Touching yourself in Front of a Full-Length Mirror

This is just another way to open your mind and feel comfortable with exploring yourself. Learning what makes you feel good will help your partner in doing so, and believe me, he will appreciate the guidance. You can caress yourself while applying lotion after a hot shower, one of the best times to do so when your nerves are still very responsive. Circular motions around your nipples, in slow, yet sensual movements can send yearnings to the deepest part of you and even make you wet when you are watching your own reaction. If you have a vibrator you can tease yourself with this as well. Learning the movement and the pace you like is all part of the fun. You’ll get to see what your lover sees when he is participating in foreplay with you; only this time you’ll have that firsthand account with yourself. Don’t be ashamed, but rather, just let go and harness that desire within you.

You can and will visually see what makes you want more attention, and you should be willing to luxuriate in the feelings as you bring them about yourself. Just think of how well you can remove the stress and tension from your body when you do this too. When the time comes, instead of being tense and unsteady around your lover, you’ll be well armed and more than ready for lovemaking, if you want it. Enjoy and relish in your own body when you want to! A woman should never feel that pleasure such as this is not possible, not when it is within her own grasp.