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How to Achieve Orgasmic Bliss

how to have orgasmic bliss

It is a known fact that there are a number of women out here who have never been able to achieve that mind blowing, creamy fulfillment that they crave.  The thought of this is overwhelming to me, and as a woman speaking out, I think that it is about time we get our own due.  We deserve to cum, just as much as our male counterpart does; and no matter how we get there, the feeling is always going to be explosive and leave a woman weak in the knees.  If you’re one of those who have never reached orgasmic bliss, don’t feel like you’re an oddity.   I think a lot of the problem is centered on us as women.  We worry too much about what our lover is thinking of our bodies, and we should be more focused on what we are feeling inside of ourselves.  I would like to point out that just about every female has to have clit stimulation to climax, and therefore, the old pounding in and out, no matter how well-endowed the man might be, isn’t all it takes to do the trick.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself clitoral stimulation, or to even ask for it.  A little sucking action for a woman can make her cream the same as a man getting his well hardened member sucked extremely well can.  While sex can be enjoyable without an orgasm, it is 10 times better with one, so if you try some of these techniques you just might get there.


  • Oral Sex:  Don’t be afraid to ask him to go down South.  For some females, this is the ultimate ride and honestly, sometimes the tongue can do things that his cock just can’t.  Allow yourself to relax and enjoy it, and don’t focus on what you think he is thinking, because he is enjoying what he is doing!
  • Dildos and Vibrators:  If you’ve never tried one then you simply have too.  For women that can’t climax with just male penetration, a vibrator can rock your world, believe me! Items like the ‘jack rabbit’ can hit your G-spot, and give you the clit stimulation you’re dying for. Try out one of the many couples vibrators that can be used hands free while having sex. Or, just use a clitoral stimulator while he is penetrating you. This is an easy way to give your body that extra boost in stimulation so you can cum while having sex.
  • Finger sex:  Women need to be more engaged in asking for finger action.  Fingering can find the g-spot inside of a woman five times faster than any dildo or male member can.  There is a percentage of women that do reach orgasm this way, and in fact, only this way.


I think that as soon as a woman can feel better about herself and allow herself to let go, she will be more than able to have that hot release she is looking for.  Hot and horny sex is not unnatural, and for most women, we have high libidos.  If it takes practicing on yourself to learn what pleases you the most then I am one of those who believe in going all out for it.  Once you have this type of fulfillment, you’ll never accept anything less.  Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, don’t rock the boat too hard in the wrong direction, just lie back and enjoy that motion of the ocean and it is promised you will ride that wave to a penetrating climax!