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How to Avoid Becoming Boring in Bed

how to avoid becoming boring in bed

We all get there at times when life feels so overwhelming, or you have the weight of the family on your shoulders. Sometimes action in the bedroom is the farthest thing on your mind once you reach a certain point in life; at least, this is how it feels too many people.  It can be very difficult to break out of what appears to become a mundane routine, doing the same actions, performing the same positions, saying the same dirty words to one another.

You see the monotony in this but you probably don’t know how to break out of it, or you just don’t have the energy to try too.  However, if you don’t do something to spice up your intimacy once more then one of you is bound to become resentful because of it.  We all need to know we are attractive and appreciated, and when you allow yourself to reach a state where you become boring in bed…this is just one of the biggest no no’s.  

You Be in Charge

If you don’t want to become boring in bed then you need to be willing to take the role of the one in charge of this play game.  Don’t allow him to think that you’ll be submissive all the time and let him just crawl on top of you, whispering some sweet words and then…wham bam!  It’s all over in 10 seconds. Men need to be taught a thing or two about seduction and romance sometimes and who is better at that than you…a real woman!  

Now, take it slow and trace your fingertips from his collarbone to his rigid hard manhood, hovering there before moving back up again.  When you finally rise up to mount him he’ll be dying to greet you and better than this…you being boring in the bed, well that will be the farthest thing from his mind, that is for sure!

Now, if you’re tired because of a busy, hectic day, then, of course, it is going to be hard to get up the energy; especially if you have kids.  Still, if you want to keep that passion alive and you want to get the thrill of trying something different then you simply must not let your sex life become boring in bed, on the counter, in the shower, or wherever you guys might have tried it.  You have no choice but to smack yourself into awareness and just get in the saddle.  When you start taking initiative to make love you’ll be very surprised on the initiatives he begins making to take care of your every need.  

Play a Seductive Game with Him

Men love this and the best way to go about it is to be waiting on him when he comes home from work in only a silk robe with sexy under panties and a bra; or maybe not…go topless!  Make sure the kids are in bed and asleep. Tell him to stop right there and strip for you. The best scene would be to have candles pre-lit. You can have him turn, sit, or do whatever, but your goal is to tease and torment him until he finally just takes you right there.  This will end any boring in bed ideas forever!  

Wear Something New and Sexy

Get some new lingerie, or try out a sexy costume and role play a special fantasy you both have. Does your partner want you to dress up like a naughty school girl? Or would a sexy maid turn him or her on? Role play can be a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom.

Try Out Some New Sex Toys

Whether you want to try some light bondage, or think a new vibrator will spice things up, it's always fun to get a package delivered and try out something new with your partner. If you are new to sex toys, often a clitoral vibrator is a great way to start without too much intimidation. Or, get some handcuffs or a spanking paddle to bring things to a new level. 

If you can come up with fun ways to entice and arouse a few times a week then you’re going to be perfectly fine and you’ll never have to worry about a boring old sex life.  It is just getting up that energy to get started that takes all the willpower. Just think of the rewards…surely you haven’t forgotten how good it feels? Try it on for size tonight!

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