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How to Become a Truly Submissive Woman


Although times have changed, there are still many women out there who feel that it is correct behavior to be a submissive woman. Unfortunately, lots of people think that women should be equal in every aspect of the relationship, and while I for one agree with that to a degree, there is a time when it can be extremely sexually exciting to be a truly submissive woman. I am not suggesting for one moment that you should subjugate yourself to your partner constantly, (unless you are into a BDSM relationship, and that is a whole different matter for another day!)

There is a time and a place to ‘play’ the meek, obedient, truly submissive woman, and that time is in the bedroom. It is absolutely delicious to hand over control to your partner for a while, allowing him to make the decisions as to where and when you will be allowed to orgasm, (if at all!) Just imagine how nice it would be for a change to not have to make any decisions at all. Allow him to decide what you are going to wear for the night and then go and get dressed in his idea of what is suitable. It could well be that it will be a slightly naughty kind of outfit, but just imagine how pleased he is going to be when he sees you wearing it. You are taking your first steps towards becoming a submissive woman.

When he gets in from work, help him out of his coat, take his shoes off and make sure that you have prepared his favorite meal, while you are dressed in whatever his clothing decision was. Serve the food to him while he relaxes with a drink in his hand. (Remember this is all leading up to you having one of the most explosive and powerful orgasms you have ever experienced, and therefore becoming a submissive woman is something to be celebrated and not shunned.)

When he is full and satisfied, offer to run him a hot bubble bath. Kneel down at the side of the tub and wash his hair for him and give him a lovely back rub. The whole point of this is to do whatever he wants you to do, as your reward will come later in the evening. Wrap him in a warm fluffy towel and pat him dry. If he is playing his part as well, he will probably tell you to get into the bedroom at this stage.

Let him blindfold you and maybe tie you to the bed. When one sense is deprived, the others become on full alert and the fact that you don’t know where and when he is going to touch you is highly erotic. This is one of the pleasures of being a truly submissive woman. And if he knows what he is doing, he will now bring you to the brink of orgasm over and over again, stopping at the crucial moment. By the time he decides that you will be allowed to climax, you will be so desperate for it that it will be absolutely amazing.

Don’t let anyone tell you it is behind the times to be a submissive woman; you are both getting what you need in a truly loving relationship. Who knows; maybe next time you can swap roles?