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How to Dress at a Swingers' Club or Lifestyle Party

Okay, so you have decided to go to a sex club for the first time, but the chances are that you are stuck with the usual female dilemma…”What am I going to wear?” Believe me, you are not alone in wondering what would be acceptable clothing at a sex club and many women have thought long and hard about this. The first thing to consider is what kind of impression you want to create.

Presumably you want to look sexy, and “up for it”, but not too obvious? So maybe the first thing to think about is how you are going to arrive and tailor your clothing accordingly. If it is public transport then make sure you have a suitable coat or jacket which is long enough to hide what you are wearing below.

You can also wear a club dress, and change into some sexy lingerie when you arrive. Or, just wear it under your dress, and slip the dress off when you arrive.

I think the most important part of your attire is to focus on your legs. Few people can resist the allure of high spike heels, preferably in black, going up into some thigh high stocking, also in black.

You can decide whether to wear a garter belt, or to get the "hold-ups", which have an elasticized strip at the top, usually covered in lace, which will literally hold them up.

The next thing to consider is your underwear. Now is not the appropriate time to wear mismatched or graying undies. You should make the time to go and get properly measured for a bra, maybe opting to choose a half-cup or balconette style which will make the most of your assets. Opt for some sexy matching panties, maybe with a G-string, if you are happy with your ass. If not, go for something in a sheer material, which will show off your curves, but help give you a little more coverage. Maybe even be extra saucy, and wear crotchless panties.

Over your lingerie, consider something which is a little shorter than you would normally choose. A perfect example is just a mini dress that has low cleavage. Go for a color which will complement your skin tone and really go to town on your make-up. But try not to go for bold eyes and lips; it can often look overdone, so choose to accentuate one or the other.

If you are extremely confident in your body, you may decide to go more along the fetish route for your sex club clothes and choose something in maybe a wet look, or leather or rubber which will be certain to get you noticed! Think of how quickly you may want to remove these items as well; if it takes you forever to pull on a leather mini-skirt, just how long will it take to remove?

Many clubs have theme nights, which makes the club outfit choice even more fun! This could be Playboy bunny night, or naughty schoolgirl night. Often, a sexy costume will work great for one of these nights.

At most clubs you will find a range of different outfit types that range from lingerie to a dress you could wear out to dinner. Just choose something that will make you feel sexy, and that you know you will feel comfortable wearing, and you will look great! When you feel comfortable in your outfit, you will exude confidence, and that is the sexiest look of all.