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How to Have a Happy Married Life

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How to have a happy married life

is a question I feel all of us married couples probably ask ourselves, and even those contemplating marriage do as well. This is rough, no denying it. For those of us already involved with a significant other, we fell in love, and we might have even lived together for a while before finally deciding to tie the knot.

Now, couples both have differing personalities, and the views are probably just a little varied as well. Hell, the way any couple views sex changes over time, so while you might have gotten married a while ago, it doesn’t imply that the road ahead is meant to be smooth and full of perfect carnal delights. In fact, this is about right the opposite, though there are great things to look forward too as well!

To be or not to be

Marriage takes work, let’s face it. If you really love someone then you’ll go that extra mile, no matter how burdensome it might be. If you value marriage you’ll do everything in your power to make it work, and to stay in love with one another. The best advice that I’ve never forgotten goes a little something like this: “Remember you’re not perfect, he’s not perfect, and life sure as shit isn’t perfect; so, just figure it out together as you go along.”

This is the best advice I have ever received on marriage, even as simplistic as it is, but it works. I’ve been married 22 years, and not without my fair share of problems. But, because we love each other and appreciate each other, we make it work. In the evenings, many times (when he is home anyway, he works a lot) we smile and are rewarded with really passionate sex to conclude our week. I think that the passion is one of the most important aspects to never let dwindle and fizzle out, because it does help you deal. Let me tell you: sex, when you’re angry, this can be some of the best love making you’ll ever fucking have!

This is how it is; it is how it is done. Still, there are fewer and fewer married couples hanging up the laundry together; rather, they are throwing in the towels. If you don’t want to fall to the statistics then continue reading for ways you can really learn and appreciate one another for the individuals you are. You fell in love for a reason, and it just can’t be that simple all the time.

Spend Time with One Another

To have a healthy and happy marriage you need to spend time with one another; in fact, you need to make the time to have quality activities. You remember how you fell in love, what drew you to one another, well don’t forsake that now, even if you have a family. Go on a picnic, go hiking together, go skinny dipping like you used too. Open up to one another and share your passions, without arguing, without regret, and without reservations. Time is the one thing that you have which can change everything for you. Make the most of it!

Communicate Well with One Another

As women, we have this bad tendency to soak things up like a sponge. Some of this is good, but the majority of it is bad. When we have discrepancies with our spouse we don’t let go, we just dwell on them. Contemplating on the if’s or the should have’s never changes anything. If this does anything it puts you in a fouler mood. Talk to one another and share what is bothering you. Really open up and communicate.

When you don’t hold back you will learn more about one another, more than what you could have ever possibly known in a full 10 year marriage. It is amazing what happens when you really do communicate. Don’t let your relationship go septic just because of something you’ve been ignoring, it is the worst mistake you could make.

Share during Lovemaking

This is where you can let it all out, in the throes of passion. Making love is the perfect opportunity to whisper secret desires to your spouse, or to even ask the why’s of why things are the way they are. If you get upset, take it out by riding him harder, showing him you’re dead set on working it out and staying together.

Sex is the perfect antidote to release pent up frustration and we all have a lot of it. You have to take the initiative though, without hesitation. So, while it might be rough, hard, and deep, you’ll be enjoying it too! Most marriages succeed because of the companionship and passion that is not allowed to go out. Remember this one little trick and you could be well on the way to mending your bridges with your spouse!

Simply Value One Another

It has been hinted out throughout this literature and it is oh so true, take it from someone who has been married for quite some time. You need to value and appreciate one another, and express that to one another on a consistent basis. That saying about not going to bed mad at one another is important too. When you don’t thrash it out, whether through sex, conversation, or in other means, you should never just tune your emotions out.

For women, it makes them feel underappreciated and for men…well that is a hard one since I’m not a man. But, more than likely it makes them not feel so good either. Telling one another you love each other and doing the little things will keep you happy. You want to have something to value and feel good about, why not make sure that is each other in your marriage; that is if you want it to last?