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How to make her G-spot into an OMG Spot!

female-orgasmThe G-spot can be a bit of a mystery to some men. They might have heard women whispering behind their hands about it, and some may have been lucky enough to find the elusive spot by accident. Whatever their views on whether the G-spot exists or not, we are here to advise men out there that the G-spot most definitely exists; not only that, find it, treat it nicely, and you will be rewarded with an almighty OMG!

So firstly, where is the G-spot and what is it? The G-spot or ‘Grafenberg spot’ is named after the German physician who discovered its existence. It is located inside the vagina, on the front wall, around two inches deep. Men, if you imagine inserting your fingers facing upwards, (think pointing towards her belly,) and make a ‘come-hither’ motion with your middle finger, you should feel a spongy pad which feels different to the surrounding tissue. There you go, you have found the G-spot!

So what is the best way to stimulate this golden nugget? It can be almost a little painful if the G-spot is stimulated without any other kind of sexual activity going on at the same time as it is such a sensitive area, it can feel too intense. Therefore it is best if G-spot stimulation is mixed in with some other activity at the same time, for example, oral sex. When she is well and truly turned on, you can then move onto the next stage, but be warned, G-spot orgasms can also be known as ‘squirting orgasms.’

And this is one of the reasons why women can sometimes feel scared about letting go enough to enjoy this kind of intense orgasm. The thing is, when the G-spot is continuously tapped or rubbed, the resulting orgasm can be one where the woman actually ejaculates. Yes, that’s right; ejaculates. And when she is about to ‘gush,’ it feels extremely like she needs to pee, so don’t be surprised if she holds back the first time. Many women are shy of letting go enough to enjoy this kind of mind-blowing orgasm, but as long as you reassure her that it is not pee, (this has been medically proven,) she should be able to trust you enough to be able to let go.

So you are now prepared for a ‘gush,’ you have spent time reassuring her that you are okay with that, so how do you make it happen? Read on my friend. Start off by using a gentle rhythmic stroking motion and as she becomes more aroused, you can then try ‘tapping’ the G-spot with your middle finger. Briefly stop and use your tongue around her clitoris and then try rubbing the G-spot a little more firmly.

If she is up for it, then try a specially shaped G-spot vibrator because there is no way your tongue is going to reach that elusive spot! If your face is there when the inevitable happens, be prepared to maybe become quite wet as the amount of liquid which a woman ejaculates can vary. And basically just feel blessed that she is relaxed enough with you to be able to allow this to happen!