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How to Share Your Secret Desires

secret desires

You can and you should share your secret desires with one another. This isn’t because they are hot; it is because you can become better lovers. Statistically speaking, those who do divulge how they really feel and what they really want have been proven to be far happier than others. They are more productive in their lives as well, and one can only imagine what their sex lives must consist of.

Can you imagine having all of your secret desires just lain out there for your partner to witness? You shouldn’t be ashamed to tell your lover what makes you feel good either, and if you have a partner who really does care about you, more than their own selfish desires, then he won’t make you feel odd at all. It doesn’t matter what those secret desires consist of.

Expressing Yourself The Right Way

There are many ways that you can express those hidden and secret desires. One of them might be wrong—that one where you become demanding and obtrusive? However, there is the one where you keep that perfect patience and understanding, believing that your partner will begin to see things your way; this is the way to go. When you go this latter route everything falls into place.

Don’t let those secret desires hinder you or hold you back. Sharing them out in the open will lighten you and move you into possibly trying things you never would have before. You don’t have to worry about your partner ridiculing you about your own dark fantasies either, not when you share with one another in this type of intimate manner.

Remember, it is trusting one another that removes any awkwardness. Your secret desires can be met—maybe not in the exact ways you thought they would, but you can find some definite pleasure. You can also be married for a number of years and have thought you’d understand everything about one another, but never shared any secret desires at all. So, how do you really do it? Approaching such a subject can be difficult for couples.

Bringing Up Those Secret Desires

For some couples who have uninhibited spirits, they can cross over the obstacles and express themselves fully. For others, it might take a little more empathy and sharing before their deepest wishes are brought out. One thing to keep in mind is that as long as your secret desires aren’t too far out on the ledge then anything is possible. Even if they are really off-the-wall, you might come to a mutual agreement that will appease both of you fully.

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It is a fact that when you try out new things and experiment with one another your relationship expands. You gain more trust with one another, and you learn to communicate better. So, sharing in secret desires isn’t always about sex itself as it is in learning to offer one another a little more than what you did before. It certainly is a fascinating way of looking at it, don’t you think?

I think it is almost certain that couples who take the time to really communicate actually do have longer relationships that are filled with satisfaction. That isn’t to say they don’t have a little bit of a tipsy misstep now and again, but for the most part, they have a romantic desire for one another and strong sex lives. Perhaps this is the missing puzzle piece in many relationships.