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How to Stay Sex Positive in Today’s World

sex positive

You may be wondering just what the term “sex positive” actually means and whether it is relevant to you in today’s ever-changing world. Put quite simply, being sex positive means respecting the fact that each of us may have a unique sexual profile, and just because that may be different to the so-called “norm” that does not make it any less worthy of consideration and respect. It’s also a philosophy that requires for us to understand the idea that sexuality is a positive and not negative, force in life.

Some would see sex as being problematic, or even disruptive, if not downright dangerous when enjoyed outside of a “permanent” relationship. The truth is though that unfortunately nothing can be seen as permanent in this life and being sex positive means that you can take the opportunity to embrace life at its very best; after all, none of us know what life may have in store around the next corner. Life can be all too agonizingly short so enjoy each and every moment of it. Sex-positivity allows for and celebrates sexual diversity and realizes that we all have differing desires and kinds of relationships structures, and have the power to make individual choices which should always be based on consent given by each party.

There is nothing negative about basing choices made on consent is there? This means that everyone has the opportunity to think before they act and to consider whether they want to take part in a possible planned sexual activity. Sexuality has always been, (and will continue to be) an integral part of being a warm and loving human and is our way of relating to others. We all hold the right to have a healthy and shameless sex life regardless of how old we are, what gender we are, or whatever our state of health may be; those less physically able are still sexual beings and have a right to enjoy a sex-positive life.

Those who wish to advocate a sex-positive mentality would ask for an end to anti-sex propaganda and would rather see a world where facts and reason play a far larger part than old wives’ tales. Personal choice should always be the first consideration and no-one should be made to feel shame or to be judged by others for what they choose to do with their own body.

Many myths abound about sex positivity and some take the view that it is giving people the go-ahead to be able to have sex with whomsoever they please. Unfortunately for some people, this will result in them being labeled as “easy” or a “slut”. Is this correct though? I abhor anyone being labeled for making an informed choice about what they want to do, but it does happen. Being sex positive crucially concerns the fact that consent has been obtained from interested parties and as long as everyone has given that consent, should it matter what anyone else thinks about what you’re doing? You can still have a sex-positive attitude even if you have chosen to be celibate for the time being. That’s what making choices is all about.