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How You Can Avoid Terrible Sex with These Tips

terrible sex

We’ve all been there at one point in time or another.  Your legs are all twisted, you’ve snagged his lip with your teeth for the fifth time, your movements are not in unison and you simply aren’t enjoying the sex in general.  You can avoid terrible sex if you follow the right tips, that is guaranteed. Of course, you should certainly know that one of the best ways of avoiding an issue such as this is to not engage in sexual behavior while you’ve been drinking, especially if it is with a stranger.  

You are more than likely going to regret your actions in the daylight hours, especially if you find your bedfellow to be not in the least bit desirable.  This is actually one of the worst mistakes that people have made and which they try to avoid from making again. Once again, follow the cues, and ultimately learn how to avoid terrible sex with these tips that I am providing you here!  

Have an Understanding of Likes and Dislikes Upfront

If you really want to have incredible sex, and obviously avoid terrible sex, then you should have an upfront understanding with your partner.  There isn’t anything wrong with letting your significant other know what you like and dislike way beforehand. For instance, if you are into oral sex or you think you might enjoy going down on him then tell him that.  If you voice what kind of “motion-in-the-ocean” you’re into, you will have fabulous sex! Remember, your lover can’t make you feel sensational if he has no idea what you like!

Know Your Positions

Everyone has their favored sexual positions, and regardless of whether you enjoy it doggy style, reverse cowgirl, standing up, or whatever; you need to make your feelings known, just as you do when you tell him what you enjoy and where you want him to pleasure you.  Make sure that you both enjoy the same kind of lovemaking moves. For women in particular, if you want to avoid terrible sex then you want to try and communicate well and ensure he is going to be willing to make love in the positions that you do enjoy! This doesn’t mean you can’t try one of his too.  

Take Care of Your Own Needs

If you are going to experience an ultimately thrilling sexual ride then you have to take care of yourself.  Despite the fact that you might have kids, you need some time out for yourself so you can pamper it up just a bit.  Perhaps it’s been a while since you had that luxurious waxing (we know where folks). Maybe you would enjoy a spa the day of your promised sexual ecstasy with your partner?  Or perhaps you just need to unwind to a nice bubble bath and soft music? Whatever your release is you should make sure that you are feeling up to par.

Shop for some new lingerie to surprise your lover. Maybe you can try out some elegant lace lingerie,  or perhaps some leather lingerie is more your style. Whatever you think would help make you feel more comfortable in your own skin is what we suggest.  If you don’t feel confident and comfortable in your skin then you’re bound to want to avoid terrible sex before it happens! It will happen ladies…

Casually Talk About Sex

Yes ladies, if you’ve been with your partner for a while then, of course, you should feel comfortable talking about sex with him.  Discuss the latest sex toys, watch a porn flick together and then joke about trying some of the positions (or perhaps you really do them)?  It is a great way to avoid terrible sex!

The more you communicate in this way and talk about things the more uninhibited you’ll definitely become.  You might find that you are willing to discuss the strangest of things once you just speak naturally! Men love it when we talk about sex with them so just open yourself up to it.  You might find it highly arousing.

It definitely is the smallest of things that can ensure you don’t make a fatal mistake and end up believing you have to avoid terrible sex, even though it might not even happen.  Sometimes it is all in the mind. When you are au natural you don’t have to avoid terrible sex because you don’t bump into it! Remember that one in the next throes of passion.

Check Out the Latest Sex Toys

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