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Is Casual Sex Right for Me?

casual sex

It’s one thing to be swept along in the heat of the moment, and think to yourself, ‘Oh my God; I have to have this guy, and I have to have him right NOW!’ It is however sometimes quite another thing to wake up in the cold light of day and turn to face what amounts to a smelly stranger lying snoring next to you, after having a night of abandoned casual sex.

That is when panic mode can set in, and you start beating yourself up with recriminations, and ‘why the hell did I do that?’ The reason you did it is quite simple really, it seemed like a plan at the time. We’ve all been there when too many glasses of vino can make even the least likely candidate appear as something of an Adonis and we fall into bed and have rampant casual sex.

And if you happened to be out with friends, who were all in the same kinda drunken state which you were in, then it is sometimes all too easy to find yourself in the ‘shag a stranger’ mindset. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Although if you are into that, all I can say is that I hope you are practicing safe sex every time, and not only when you remember. There are far worse things to pick up than an unwanted pregnancy when engaging in casual sex.

So how can you capture the excitement of casual sex, without setting yourself up for the risks? Well, there are a couple of ways you can get around this problem, the first one being, how about considering having a ‘friend with benefits?’ It’s far a less risky situation than picking up some random guy for casual sex when you are feeling horny, and yet still has the bonus of not having all the baggage which sometimes comes with having a full-on relationship.

After all, you can trust your friend not to go blabbing about it (if you can’t, then maybe you have made the wrong choice of friend) and also you can feel easy enough about phoning them about something else and then letting the chat veer off in the direction you want to steer it. Guys have been making ‘booty calls’ for years, why should they have all the fun?

The other way to capture the excitement of casual sex even when you are in a relationship is to plan a ‘naughty weekend’ away, in a hotel. Arrange a particular hotel and then turn up there separately. You go to the room first and get ready as if you had never seen him before, and were out ‘on the pull.’ Meet with him in the bar and ‘allow’ him to buy you a drink and give him a different name to your real one. Flirt wildly and make eyes at all the other men in the bar. Drag him off to your room, and have him there and then, preferably with some of your clothes still on. The whole point of this exercise is to pretend that you have only just met and are up for some wild and highly charged casual sex.

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