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Letting Go of Your Inhibitions in the Bedroom


If you’re among the many women who feel hesitant in bearing their nakedness during love making, you’re not alone. There are an innumerate amount of women who feel the need to camouflage the natural beauty of their body from their lover. Sadly, even in the midst of the hottest throes of passion some women feel the need to keep on some form of clothing because they believe they are hideous, or just maybe they believe that their partners wouldn’t love them anymore if they saw what they looked like out from under the sheets.

What many women fail to realize is that their significant other will love them regardless of how many stretch marks, dimples, pounds, or how age changes them in general. If we, as women could really believe this then perhaps we could fully let go of all of our inhibitions and be who we want to be in the bedroom. Perhaps this body of work just might make a difference for some women, at least it is hoped that it will. These tips will help you to be more willing to lose some of those false notions that you have, enabling you to enjoy sex more freely, and with far more sensuality than ever before.

Learn to Love Yourself

Women love to have sex as much as a man does but for some reason our thoughts sometimes get in the way of our ability to orgasm, and express our desires honestly. Now, the first thing that you must do as a woman is learn to love yourself and appreciate what you have been endowed with. We can’t all be picture perfect or have the ideal body shape, but we can take care of ourselves and cultivate the beauty from within us.

When you take your shower or bath, step in front of your mirror and look at your reflection with pride. It can be difficult for women, but until you begin to find that beauty within yourself you won’t be able to let go of those inhibitions which are holding you back. There is something valuable in each and every woman, learn to accept that and admire the qualities that you do have.

Watch Sensual Flicks Together

Yet another way to learn to appreciate what you have and to break free from the monotony or routine of your sex life is to watch porn flicks together. These don’t have to be hardcore at all, but if you allow yourself to think freely and openly, you both can become aroused together. Most women will find that when they allow themselves to just let go they forget all about any blemishes they might have.

Really, you should relish your lover’s touch and allow him to explore your body as the characters in the flick do. Role play if you have too, and pretend you’re someone else. This will help you open up and love yourself as well. If anything, it will help you discover that being naked is a good thing no matter what body size you might be. Again, we all are made totally different and it is that way for a reason. With something such as porno you simply need to let your body lead you and you’ll be amazed at where you might end up. Certainly your lover will feel blessed!

Lower the Lighting for Ambience

Dimming the lighting helps many women loosen up and feel more comfortable unclothed. This is not out of the ordinary at all, as I, myself, have the same issue. Who really wants some bright fluorescent lighting shining down on you? I think that candlelight or some efferent glow is sufficient to set the mood. Add some lingerie that will make you feel extra sensual.  This, along with some soft love music can get things going very nicely. A glass of wine along with it, and some light conversation would never hurt either. 

The main point is that you should share your feelings with your partner so that he can work through them with you. There is no reason to be afraid to bring your insecurities up at all. In fact, there are many bodies of work out here that talk of these very things. Open up and be honest with your partner so that they can help you discover a whole new world of pleasure. As I’ve been saying, there isn’t anything to be ashamed of at all, so allow the real you to shine through and be proud!