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Married Life: Couples that Play Together, Stay Together

couples that play together stay together

Having fun in a long-term relationship is extremely important, especially when you might both feel dragged down by worrying about paying the bills etc. Playing together is a great way to keep the fun alive and help your relationship move to a whole new level and is vital to helping you both want to stay in the relationship. We all know that things can become boring over time and that we are guilty of getting into a rut. Well playing together can help you to get out of that rut by injecting some fun and excitement back into the relationship.

But it takes time, effort and thought, on both parts, to have fun. That might sound strange to some who think that having fun should come naturally, but it is the same as anything else; you get out of a marriage exactly what you put into it. So instead of “vegging” out in front of the TV night after night because you’re tired and have been at work, (or with the kids,) all day, you need to make a decision that things are going to be different. And if that means setting time aside to play together, then so be it. It’s not really any different to taking the time to plan a “date” night when in an LTR.

So what kind of things can you do? Well if playing together means staying together, then it’s about time you started to have some fun! Let out your “inner child” and get back to basics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a pillow fight or going for a walk in the park and trying the kid’s apparatus! (Hey, you may get some strange looks, but who cares?)

Playing together also refers to spending leisure time together, and so it’s a great idea to develop a hobby which you both enjoy. It can be good when each of you goes off alone to enjoy a hobby as it gives you something to talk about, but it’s even better if you both enjoy the same thing. Spending time together is surely one of the reasons you got married in the first place after all! So have a chat and take into account what each of you enjoys doing in your spare time. Don’t try to pretend to be interested in something which you actually hate as that will be the route to resentments and arguments. (“But I came to the football game with you, so why can’t you come to…?”)

If you both enjoy swimming or any particular sport, then try and build this into your play-time together as it will also be ultimately good for your physical health as well as your emotional. Even lounging together on the couch watching a funny movie can qualify as “play-time”, as long as you are both making an effort to spend quality time together, that is what matters. Enjoy each other, have a laugh together and you have far more chance of growing old together.

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