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Married Life: Ideas for Romance

married romance

Making the effort to keep the romance alive is a great foundation to any strong marriage. In the beginning, it’s likely that nothing was too much trouble for you or your partner but over the years it’s easy to slip into a routine and before you know it, the romance has all but gone. Everything worth having requires additional effort from both of you. Even when you have kids and money worries etc. it is essential to set time aside for each other if you want to keep the romance alive and kicking.

I know we all work long hours, and the temptation to sit down at the end of the day and watch TV can be overwhelming, but everyone has at least an hour or two a week free when you can spend time with each other. And do you know what, even if something else has to go, such as a hobby or whatever, then isn’t it worth it to know that you are giving your all into making your marriage as long, successful and romantic as you possibly can?

So if you have to schedule time together, then so be it. It will all be worth it. So here are some ideas to keep the romance alive within your marriage or long-term relationship:

  • Date night: I know this has been “done” a thousand times, but it really is important to schedule a date together. It helps you to remember the effort you both made at the beginning and also gives you an excuse to get dressed up and slap on some make-up. That’s got to be more conducive to a great romantic evening than hanging around in a pair of sweats, hasn’t it?
  • Sexting: Basically (if you are not familiar with the term) this means sending sexy text messages to your partner when they are away from you. From a fairly innocent “Thinking about you”, to a more daring “I’m lying naked and waiting for you to get home” they will all give him a reason for wanting to shorten his working day and getting home to a sexy and romantic wife.
  • Make an occasion of dinner: There will be times when finances don’t allow for you to go out for a meal, so if this is you, try and get someone to have the children for the night and make an occasion of your evening meal. Treat it as a date, dress nicely and put make-up on for it and lay the table with your best glassware etc. Make it even more romantic with candles and soft lighting, and play some of your favorite soft music in the background. If you go to this amount of trouble, it won’t matter even if you are having the simplest of meals, it will still seem a romantic occasion.
  • Seduction: Seduce him the moment he walks in the door. Be dressed sexily and tell him that you have been waiting for this moment all day long. The chances are that he will not be able to resist your romantic overtures!