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Married Life: Keeping Passionate Love Alive in Your Relationship

Married Life Keeping Passionate Love Alive in Your Relationship

It is very important to keep the passion alive in a marriage, especially if you have been together for a few years. Okay, so you know which buttons to press to get the right effect, but it can get somewhat boring doing the same old thing week after week, in the dark and under the duvet! But you may think “Why change what is already working?” or “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Well, the answer to that is in order to keep things fresh and exciting, there comes a time when it benefits you both to learn a few new skills. Think about it; whatever your job is, over time things can change and you need to learn new ways of doing things if you want to stay ahead of the game. The same thing applies to keeping passionate love alive in your marriage. You need to make the effort to learn more about your partner and what makes them tick so that you can make things exciting again for both of you.

Think back to when you first met and the sexual excitement was there before a date. Wouldn’t it be great to re-create that “butterflies in the tummy” feeling again? Now might be the time when you actually sit your partner down and ask them if there is anything new sexually they would like to try. At this stage in your relationship, there should be no embarrassment about this and you should be able to discuss almost anything. But if you do still get worried about what they might think of you, then try having a post-coital chat, when you are both feeling satisfied and far less likely to be shocked by anything. It’s somehow easier for a lot of women to do this in the dark and without eye contact.

For example, maybe you have always wanted to try anal, or watch a porn movie together; then now is the time to mention it. Or a simple whisper in his ear while you are actually making love could work too. “Darling I would love it if you…” But also ask him what he would like. Don’t be surprised if his answer is along the lines of, “I’ve always wanted to watch two women together.” This is one of the top favorite fantasies among men. It doesn’t mean that you have to go and find yourself a girlfriend, however! You just need to get your “acting” head on and imagine what it would be like. You can then tell him stories about what you “did” with this other woman. The chances are that would turn him on just as much! Or get into sexting and send him messages during the day, progressively getting steamier and steamier as the day goes on. He will be so eager to get home that night that it won’t matter that you’ve never been near a woman, as it is the idea of it which is appealing to him.

But whatever you decide to do, making the effort to keep the passion alive in your marriage is going to benefit the both of you.

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