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Married Swingers Unveiled

married swingers

The Swinger’s lifestyle is not for everyone, but there is one thing that women find particularly fascinating about it.  The idea to have sex freely, and willingly, with a stranger that they have just met is stimulating to them, and indeed, mysterious.  For the married woman, swinging can very well be a way to add that sexual seductiveness into the marriage.  For the most part, married women don’t view having sex with a swinger as an emotion filled experience.  It is meant to satiate their bodily needs and invigorate them for a spicy love feast with the man that they really have strong feelings for later in the evening; at least this is how they see it.

Soft Swap versus Full Swap

There are two different phases in swinging, and these are soft swapping and full swapping.  Most married women favor soft swapping because in this they don’t have full blown intercourse with the other swinger.  They might perform oral sex, or allow him to finger them, possibly even going down on them as well, but full pumping action just doesn’t happen.  

The main goal is for them to reach a highly excitable point but not go all the way.  The partner already is aware that there won’t be penetration, so it is his goal to have his needs met in other ways, and it doesn’t matter if there is a lack of emotional connection there or not.   This is simply having your carnal needs met at the most basic, sexual level possible.

For the most part, these women don’t see themselves as doing anything wrong at all either; and they do feel that their actions definitely add to the sexual pleasure they find with their husbands.  There really are no rules here, and it is just one of the many things that many liberal, married women find so ingenious.  They find it introduces just the right amount of lust into their lives to bring about outrageous and spontaneous sexual engagements with their lover or husband.  

Now, while they might not have full penetration with their partner, there is no rule that says their husband can’t fuck who he is with.  The wives don’t seem to mind this and actually view it as him getting his rocks off quickly so that he can then devote himself to them without cumming too soon.  While it all does seem a bit strange to those not familiar with it, it is a non-judgmental lifestyle and one that many women just happen to prefer.

What Women Like in Soft Swapping

Some couples who soft swap do have some restrictions, but not all.  What draws the female into this is in watching, and it is a known fact that the men love to watch.  So, for the most part, some soft swappers actually engage in their sexual rendezvous right in the open, with both partners present.  They might have full penetration with their husband, they might not, but often they do have a threesome, and sometimes a foursome.  It just depends.  

Women really do enjoy having their husbands touch them in front of another man, and they enjoy their husbands watching them be touched by someone else.  It excites both of them, and most women do say that the orgasms are indeed mind blowing.  For women who have had trouble reaching orgasm in the past, their claim is that the excitement of this sometimes leads them into squirting orgasms.  So, quite naturally women are hypnotized by how well their bodies respond and how they feel afterwards.  Most say that it draws them closer to one another, rather than pulling them away.

Recreational Sex for Women

Despite what men have perceived about women, they do have a way of shutting off their emotions and making no emotional connection with their sexual partner.  In the swinging life, these women have become accustomed to having their bodies pleasured and readied for their spouse to have in the end.  

As was mentioned, it makes the intercourse highly sensitized for the woman, and she can allow herself to fully let go, unlike traditional relationships where she might feel like she is duty bound to have intercourse.  In this life, there is real sexual freedom and it is what drives most married women to it.  They enjoy showing their partner’s that they can be appreciated and turned on by someone else, but then they always come back to them for the main dish.