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Mind Blowing Sex Positions for Her

sex positions for her

Many women get a bit fed up of having sex in the same old position or the same room in the house and long to have mind-blowing sex for a change. So what can you do to change things around a bit while still keeping the satisfaction factor for the both of you? If you’ve wondered how to make your sex life mind-blowing, then carry on reading!

The good ole missionary position doesn’t work for every woman and although they appreciate the closeness it gives, and the opportunity to kiss at the same time, it often doesn’t give the woman the clitoral stimulation needed to make her orgasm. Often it helps a woman to feel mentally close to her partner to be able to have that same kind of intimate opportunity for kissing at the same time. One of the best positions to make your sex life go from boring to mind-blowing is for the woman to take charge and be on top.

You can enjoy all the intimacy of kissing and stroking each other’s body first, and then when you feel ready for it, get on top. This gives you the chance to control the depth of penetration and also, if you rest on your knees, it means that you have your hands free to be able to stimulate yourself at the same time. Or, use a clitoral vibrator or couples vibrator to give you even more enhanced pleasure. Never feel shy of doing this as most men find it incredibly sexy to see their partner touching and stroking her own body. After all, who knows exactly what buttons to press, better than you know yourself?

Another good position for mind-blowing sex is to try doggy style. This is also an extremely popular position for men as they get a superb view of your buttocks at the same time, which is a huge turn on. Rest your head/forearms on a pillow and get onto your knees with your butt in the air. The man should kneel between your knees for penetration, and this also allows for his hands to be free to roam over your breasts and give manual or vibrator stimulation to your clitoris. You can even get a special doggie style strap to help pull you and your partner even closer during the doggie style position.

If you feel like trying something a little different, a great position for mind-blowing orgasms is for you to lie on the bed, with your knees resting on the edge, feet towards the floor and the man standing between your knees. This allows for both of you to have your hands free for clitoral stimulation. He can stroke your breasts and you can stimulate yourself if you wish. If you want to pull him in closer, then pick your legs up and wrap them around his waist as he thrusts, or even place the back of your feet over his shoulders. He can hold onto your calves as he thrusts. This also is a great position for deep penetration and can be great if the man is not as well-endowed as you would like.

Whichever position you choose, always keep the lines of communication open as there is no better way of getting mind-blowing sex than by being open and communicative. A man finds nothing sexier than a woman saying, “I want you to…” (Fill in the blanks!)