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Most Popular Adult Halloween Costumes for 2017

sexy halloween costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it's time to start thinking about what sexy costume you want  to wear. Below are some of our favorite sexy costumes of the season. 


Classics: We love the classics that are remade into a sexy costume. A witch, devil, or angel is always a great choice for a costume. A sexy pirate is always in style.

Heroes and Villains: This theme is always fabulously sexy! You can be the latest superhero from the movies, or your favorite comic book superhero. The sexy ivy villain, or ninja warrior are also perfectly naughty.

Naughty School Girl: This sexy costume is a favorite, both in the bedroom and at the costume party. Wear a teasing school girl costume to turn some heads.

Naughty Nurse: Just like a naughty school girl, a naughty nurse can work great in the bedroom, or at a Halloween party. Be his favorite nurse and help him get well fast.

Military: Choose and Army ranger, or classy sailor, and have everyone wanting to fall to their knees in admiration at the Halloween Party.

Police: Makes a great role play option as well. Handcuff your naughty man, while wearing a sexy cop costume.

Playboy Bunny: Just get your man a silky robe and a playboy bunny costume can help make an easy couple costume.

Mermaid: Being a sexy mermaid is a fantasy of many women, so why not dress like one this Halloween.

What are your favorites? Check out more of our sexy costume options.