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Not Having Sex: Make Him Earn It

make him earn sex

Have you ever thought about how great a reward system could work out with your partner in the bedroom? We are probably all aware of how most men are just overgrown boys and sometimes need to be treated as such. Be the dominant one he needs and teach them what you want by not having sex and making him earn it as a ‘reward!’

We all have times when our men are driving us mad and we are longing to say something, but don’t like getting into an argument. The recognition/reward system could work out amazingly well if he knows what he’s going to get at the end of it. By not having sex immediately and making him earn it, the hope is that he will ‘learn’ what rewards come from good behavior!

When he learns what you want and how to get it, you will both end up having some fun as a reward. You will have a harmonious relationship, more sex = more orgasms and the chances are you will both end up being happier people. No-one ends up being the loser in that scenario! Besides that, it can be great fun not having sex and making him earn it. Forbidden fruit always tastes that much sweeter!

Men love the suggestive behavior that comes with making him wait for sex. The glimpse of a stocking-clad thigh when you bend over; the hint that you may not be wearing a bra underneath that silk shirt… all these things heighten his sense of anticipation and make the wait worthwhile. It can also heighten the final outcome for you as well as him. 

When you have been with someone for a while, there is a danger that things can become predictable, and sometimes even boring. It’s not as exciting when you know exactly which buttons to press to get the desired outcome; it’s far hornier when you are not too sure what is going to happen next. So to make him ‘earn’ sex, why not try tying his wrists to the bed with some wrist restraints, straddling his face and ‘make’ him give you fantastic oral. Tease him that you are not going to have sex unless he earns it; you may be surprised at what a cunning linguist he becomes!