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One Naughty Night: Time to Misbehave!

naughty night

Be honest now girls; what’s your idea of a naughty night? Is it a romantic meal followed by love-making in front of a cozy log fire, or is it being taken breathless up against a wall, while he ravishes you with roaming hands and gently bites your neck? I know which kind of naughty night most of us would prefer!

When you have been in a relationship for a while, things can have a tendency to become slightly stale and boring. Now while there’s nothing wrong with having a quickie when you are both tired, and the fact that you know how to make him cum quickly, and he does the same for you; wouldn’t it be nice to ring the changes now and again and go for full-on naughty one night soon?

How can I transform a date into a naughty night?

One word can answer that ladies; preparation. There’s an old marketing saying which is very true here also: ‘Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!’

Men can be creatures of habit, especially if they have a tiring job and are busy in the week. Maybe you think he would not appreciate a change to the routine in the week, so why not save your naughty night for one when neither of you is working the following day.

Plan your evening carefully; trying to make sure that there is no reason for either of you to have to go out. Stock up on such necessities as lube, condoms, a bottle (or two!) of wine and some naughty but nice underwear! Yes, I really did mean be prepared.

Cook him a nice meal, but don’t make it too heavy; the last thing you want is for him to have to unzip his pants for a full belly. (If he’s going to unzip his pants, it should be for a far better reason!) Include a couple of aphrodisiacs with the meal if you both like them. Asparagus is a good one for a naughty night; if you pick it up in your fingers, dip it into some melted butter and eat it suggestively, the chances are he will be picturing your mouth on something else!

Look him in the eyes as you suck one finger at a time to remove the melted butter and he will be lost! Feed him something sexy for dessert such as strawberries dipped in cream, even passing them from your mouth to his. Go on, be as naughty as you like, this is your naughty night!

By the time you get to the bedroom, your work will almost have been done, but if you have a sexy outfit to wear, this is the time to get changed. Tell him you are visiting the bathroom and then come in wearing something really suggestive. If he is generally the one who ‘wears the trousers,’ then order him to lay on the bed and tie his wrists to the bedpost.

I will leave it to your imagination how much further you want to take the ‘being in charge’ game; suffice to say, he will be glad you decided it was time you had a naughty night!