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Oral Sex Tips: Going Down on Her

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One of the most intimate and mind-blowing acts you can share with your female partner is going down on her, but why are so many people reluctant to do so? There are many misconceptions about this wonderful act, so if you have ever wondered what the best techniques are, or simply want to brush up on your skills on oral sex with a woman, then read on!

If hygiene is maybe something which has been putting you off, (and this is far more common than you may think,) then why not enjoy a shower together first? Think of this as a fabulous starter to your ‘main meal’ and a great way to get her ready for your linguistic skills! Massage her breasts, knead her butt cheeks and you can even suggest helping her out with a cheeky little hair removal if this is something else which maybe has been making you think twice about going down on her.

So, assuming all is now well in that direction, we move onto the actual art of cunnilingus. Most women absolutely adore this intimate act and if you are in any doubt, remember the old adage…you get out of this what you put into it, and if you want to receive extra blow jobs, then hesitate no longer!

One of the best ways to get women ready for oral sex is to have lots of deep kissing and stroking of her whole body before you get ‘down to it.’ The longer you leave it, the more she will be wet and ready for you. Move from kissing her mouth, and on down to her neck and throat, stopping off at each breast before you go any further. While you are sucking on her nipples, allow your fingers to slide between her legs and start massaging her clitoris, before moving on to kiss her tummy.

Make sure she is comfortable and head on down for some serious action. Part her pussy lips and lick all around her clitoris; don’t start sucking on it just yet, as that can be too intense for some women before they are actually ready for it. Stiffen your fingers and slide 2 into her while still tonguing around her clit. Experiment with different pressures and strokes. For example, use the tip of your tongue in a gentle flickering motion (think of a snake’s tongue) and then flatten it to give broader strokes. Blow gently on her clit and see her reaction; note: never blow into the vagina itself as this can be dangerous.

You should be pretty certain by now that she is enjoying you going down on her, so this is the stage when you can take the whole clit into your mouth and suck gently on it, while still moving your fingers in and out. Be guided by her and if she says ‘don’t stop,’ then DON’T! It can be all too easy for some women to ‘lose’ the feeling if you move away just as she is nearing orgasm, so don’t!

We will go into more detail in another post about how you can help her to have a squirting orgasm by manipulating her G-spot when you go down on her, but for now, enjoy!

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