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Planning a Romantic Valentine’s Day on a Budget

planning a romantic valentines day

There’s a lot to be said for having a romantic Valentine’s Day at home when money is tight, which it is for most of us these days. We work long and hard just to pay the bills and don’t always have enough money left over for the occasional treat, let alone splurging on a tradition like Valentine’s Day. But you can still have a romantic Valentine’s Day on very little money, as long as you plan it right.

Why not try saving little bits of money in an empty pot for a few weeks before the day? For example, take coffee into work instead of going and buying your customary Starbucks. Put the money you would have spent separate and save it for the big day. I know this might not seem like a lot, but if you start a month before, and usually spend a couple of dollars a day, then you can probably save around $40-50 which you can then spend on creating a nice romantic Valentine’s Day meal for your partner. And because it’s such a small thing to do, you really won’t miss that one coffee per day, especially when you think of what it can gain you in just a short while. This is actually not a bad habit to get into whenever you need to save some money, and not only for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Again, a couple of weeks before your romantic Valentine’s Day, take a look through your closet and consider what you would like to wear to impress him and create the right atmosphere. If you are one of those who figure that you have nothing to wear, then you still have the time to have a ‘swapping’ party with your friends and family. This is where you all bring along items of clothing that either don’t fit you, or you have ‘gone off’, or were an impulse buy. This is a great way of getting new clothes for no outlay; just swap with each other! This also works well with unused make-up and perfume. You could end up having a brand new (to you) outfit for a romantic date on Valentine’s Day.

So you have the clothes; you’ve saved some money for a nice meal; how else can you have a romantic Valentine’s Day? Make him a Valentine’s card; most men would adore the idea of you taking the time to do this and it shows far more thought than spending a few bucks on a card which other guys will also have. And the day before the romantic Valentine’s Day date, go grocery shopping late in the afternoon; this is when you are more than likely to bag a bargain. Obviously watch out for ‘use by’ and sell by’ dates, but you can get some really good food at knock-down prices just before the stores close for the day. Look out for steak for example; most men adore it and you could pick up a really nice piece for a lot less than you thought.

I hope this has given you a few ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank; just remember, it’s you that he loves, and not the contents of your purse.