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Reaching Sexual Pleasure in Your Relationship

Reaching Sexual Pleasure in Your Relationship

Maintaining a healthy and satisfying relationship is not as difficult as some might make it out to be. If you are looking to hold on to that amazing feeling that you first had when you initially met your lover, then you need to come to understand the three most pertinent aspects toward achieving a wholly fulfilling sex life with your significant other.

There is no doubt that sex in a relationship is one of the most important and necessary acts in order to stay together and be happy. It definitely is true that men need sex more than women do; it is what it is, and there isn’t any getting around that. However, women need things that are just as significant and important in order to guarantee that the sex is going to be good for them too.

So, the point of the matter is, if you’re going to walk away feeling great, and your partner is going to walk away feeling enlightened too, then you’ll both do well to continue reading here so you can find out what these three key points to remember are.

Now, if you’re fairly certain you already know what these are, and you have a fulfilling sex life, then you might already be set on the right path. Still, if there is any lingering question in your mind, even of a curious nature, then don’t you think you owe it to yourself to find out if you really know what the 3 most important cornerstones are to maintaining a healthy and happy sexual relationship?

The Psychological Impact on the Sexual Relationship
The truth to this is that women are far different in comparison to men when it comes to meeting a healthy and satisfying sex life. This all starts in the brain. Men have the tendency to shut everything else out when they are intent on achieving sexual pleasure and having an orgasm. Women, on the other hand, have a far more difficult time tuning the daily issues out. Stress and worry can be troubling for women and these can definitely impede a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

So, the mind has to be prepped and readied in order to reach a margin of sexual fulfillment, just as the body must be. Women simply struggle with establishing the correct mindset when they are engaging in intimacy with their partner. There are many factors that contribute to this problem. These stem from how they were raised, to their own insecurities, and again, the stress and strife they deal with day in and day out.

If their male counterpart can soothe away these issues then the result could be the same level of pleasure for them as it is for their partner. If the brain doesn’t release the necessary sex hormones for arousal, then the bottom line is that women won’t achieve that level of orgasm that they hope to.

The Physiological Impact on Reaching Sexual Fulfillment
Women have to be willing to be a part of the sex act if they are going to achieve the same level of sexual pleasure as their male partner does. Now, if there is no psychological impediment then the body will recognize the stages of sexual arousal and act accordingly. This is very true if both partners are into the acts of foreplay and lovemaking 100%. You can’t expect your lover to do all of the work, so in order to enjoy sex you have to go that extra mile during foreplay and hit those erogenous zones that make you dripping wet with the anticipation of what is to come.

Now, the workings of the female body are far more intricate than that of the males. In this respect, if you hope for your male counterpart to please you fully then it is hoped that he will have the necessary understanding on exactly where to touch you, and tease you, in order to make you hot and ready for sexual penetration. Some couples take this as a game and simply enjoy the various sensations that can be experienced when they engage in foreplay without any inhibitions at all.

The Emotional Connection for Women
Engaging in sexual intercourse is not a game for most women, we all know that. For us, we give 100% of ourselves during such intimacy, and we put our hearts on the line too. Now, when you combine the first two key elements into this mix then you end up with a realm of pleasure that brings about a myriad of positive feelings for both partners. Happiness goes along with sexual fulfillment and extreme sexual pleasure. When women let go and allow these sensations to wash over them then, and only then is an orgasm achieved. So, it isn’t a woman’s bodily movements alone that bring her to the threshold of ecstasy.

Verbal communication, touch, emotions, all of these plays a very intimate role in this most intimate act. Of course, you have to move past all of your inhibitions in order to trigger the right sensations within your body too. The reality is that this all comes down to a very personal preference. It is up to both partners to bring about that sexual precipice they crave, but it isn’t the responsibility of just one partner to give an orgasm. Remember, allow your mind, emotions, and body to all be involved together and you will achieve that satisfaction you’ve been striving for all along!