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Sending Naughty Texts to your Partner

sending naughty texts

We all like a good story, don’t we? So what if you were to send a series of naughty texts to your partner, telling them a story about what you were thinking about doing to them when they got home? It is a fabulous way of reviving a sometimes boring sex life. When you know something good is coming your way, you can’t help but keep thinking about it, so the chances are that by the time your husband gets home from work, he will be raring to go!

I found a great way of doing this with my husband when we first started seeing each other. It wasn’t that our sex was boring, but the fact that he is 12 years younger than me meant that I wanted to work that little bit harder to keep his interest alive, so to speak! So one day I decided to send him a series of naughty texts, starting with something quite innocent, such as ‘I’m wearing that new top you bought me.’

I knew he was puzzled when I got a text back saying…’okay!’ I made the next text a little naughtier, along the lines of ‘It’s so hot I have had to take that top off.’ I carried on, getting more and more naughty with every text I sent. I knew he was more than interested when I got a text back saying, ‘I’m finishing work early tonight!’

It’s quite an easy thing to do once you get into the swing of it. Just imagine whatever your guy’s favorite fantasy is, and tell him a story via naughty texts. If for example, his fantasy is to see two women together, start off by texting something like, ‘I’ve just been watching a movie. Can you guess what it was about?’ Wait for his reply and then send one something like, ‘I know you will think I’m being naughty, but I thought I would see what is so exciting about watching two women.’

Let the texts get progressively naughty, ending up saying something like, ‘I couldn’t help myself; I couldn’t wait until you got home, so I had to make myself cum.’ He will be so turned on by the time he gets in, that he won’t be able to contain himself. And if he has enjoyed that naughty text story from you, then you could always try whispering it again in his ear when you are making love. Most guys can’t resist hearing their partner talking about things which are something they wouldn’t normally do. So if two women is his thing, whisper to him that while you were watching a lesbian movie you were really turned on and had to just close your eyes to imagine another woman touching you.

The whole point of naughty texts is to tell him a story; whether that story is about something which happened to you, or in your imagination, or something you are going to do to him, doesn’t matter…the effect will be the same!

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