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Sex Tips: Breast Play You’ll Both Enjoy


Sometimes breasts become somewhat ignored in the race to get to the ‘main course,’ but trust me here you guys, you are missing a whole lotta fun if you neglect what is an extremely erogenous zone. Breast play should be far more of a main course than being treated as an appetizer!

Treat them like snowflakes!: What do I mean by that? You need to be aware that no two breasts are the same, and something which may have worked for a previous partner will not necessarily work on this one! You really need to know what she likes and the only way of finding out is practice, practice and then some more practice! Breast play is a very individual thing for women; some may like soft tender kisses on their nipples, while some may like quite harsh sucking…it’s up to you to find out which kind of breast play she likes.

Softly, softly catchee monkey!: Until you know what she likes, proceed with caution! Start your breast play very gently by teasing the tips of your fingers over her nipples and areola. Gently squeeze the whole breast as if you were deciding what weight it was. If she wants the breast play to be a little more firm, she will let you know either vocally, or if she’s a touch shy, by placing her hands over yours and indicating what kind of pressure she likes.

Tantalize and tease: Good breast play is all about increasing her arousal levels, so tease her until she is begging for more! Kiss her whole breast but ignore her nipples for a while, just allowing your hot breath to pass over them. Resist the urge to pop your tongue out and have a lick; that will come soon enough! This ignoring of the nipples will only leave her wanting more…much more.

Communication: As in all aspects of your life, good communication is crucial to the success of your relationship. But it can sound quite clinical to ask what she likes outside of the bedroom, so wait until you’re engaged in breast play before saying, ‘do you like this?’ or ‘does this turn you on?’ That gives her the opportunity to tell you what she likes.

Show, not tell: Get her to show you what kind of breast play she likes. There is nothing better than learning from a master, (or mistress in this case!) You should be able to tell from what she shows you whether she likes gentle caressing or something firmer.

Watch carefully: Watch out for her reactions when you are having breast play; the more aroused she becomes, the more blood will flow to the area and the nipples will harden and become darker in color. This is often an indication that you can now begin to move south, but wait another few minutes, just to be sure!

Praise, praise and more praise: A lot of women can feel shy about their breasts and have the idea that they are too small for either of you to enjoy breast play. Make sure that you praise her to increase her confidence and you may be rewarded with the kind of breast play which includes a good ole fashioned ‘tit wank!’