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Sex Tips: Positions for Having Sex on a Sofa

sex on the sofa

Sometime sex in the bedroom can get a touch boring can’t it? It’s always nice to ring the changes by taking sex out of the bedroom, obviously when there’s no-one else at home! One of the best places to have sex is in the living room, where you can always utilize your sofa in a way you may not have thought of before! Sex on a sofa is still comfortable, but it just heightens the arousal by being a bit naughty outside of the bedroom. So here are some ideas for ringing the changes and having sex on a sofa:

Here I Am!

So-called because this sex on a sofa position gives your partner a highly erotic and sexy view of you in all your glory! (This work best if you have a sofa with a back rest at one end but not the other, or a comfortable chair.) Get your man to sit on the sofa/chair with his back leaning on the back rest and his feet on the floor. Straddle him for penetration and then lean back against his legs and rest your weight on your outstretched hands. You can swivel your hips rather than going for a classic in and out movement. Your partner will adore the sexy view he has of you and if he uses one hand to hold onto your legs, it allows the other one to be free to caress your clitoris.

Face to Face

This is a lovely and loving position for having sex on a sofa and works really well for both of you. Get your partner to sit on the sofa with his back leaning against the backrest and his feet on the floor. Kneel either side of his legs and lower yourself onto him for penetration. Yes this is a standard ‘face to face’ position, but if you kneel upwards and press your breasts against him, you can hold onto the back of the sofa to help you move up and down. You can make it as fast or as slow as you like and use a free hand to stroke your clitoris. Most men love this sex on a sofa position because it makes them feel like you are in control and they have to ‘take it!’ (Not that they’ll complain about that!)

The Spread-Eagle

This sex on a sofa position is great if there is too much discrepancy in your heights to allow for sex standing up. Stand on the edge of your sofa, facing your man, with your feet wide apart. Position him between your legs facing you until your genitals are aligned. You may find that you need to bend your legs slightly to allow for this. When penetration has been achieved, simply ‘rock’ your pelvises together, rather than thrusting. This may take you both a little longer than usual, but it’s oh-so-worth the wait!

Hopefully you have some ideas here for ringing the changes and having sex on the sofa, and if you can think of some more, we always welcome your input!