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Sex Tips: Woman on Top Sex Positions

woman on top sex position

We all like the feeling of being ‘in charge’ in the bedroom now and again, don’t we? That’s why woman on top sex positions are so popular; they give you the opportunity to give him the ride of his life! Female on top sex positions are also popular due to the fact that the woman is not weighed down by the man; she can experience a fuller range of movements and also either he or she will be able to reach her clitoris to aid with her orgasm. But surely there are more interesting woman on top sex positions than the usual one we all know and love…read on to find out more!

The Lean Forward

A nice variation on the usual girl on top position is to lean forward once he has entered you. This allows your breasts to graze against his chest, deep and intimate kissing and the arousal of looking at each other during intercourse. If you lean completely forward this will also enhance the pressure on your clitoris which means you will be more likely to reach orgasm with this position, especially if you try and rotate your hips rather than making the usual ‘up and down’ motion. If you need a little help, just sit up and either of you will be able to reach your clitoris.

The Chair

This is a super woman on top position for when you want to take charge of the situation and fancy a ‘quickie.’ Get him to sit in a sturdy chair with no arms and stand astride him, your things on the outside of his. Lower yourself so he can insert his penis and wrap your arms around him, keeping your feet on the floor. This gives you leverage to make intercourse as fast as you want. He gets the added benefit of a bird’s-eye view of your breasts, making it a win/win situation!

Sit-up Reverse Cowgirl

Get him to sit up on the bed, on his knees with his thighs outspread. Kneel over his thighs, (so your legs are on the outside of his,) and then lean forward on the bed, resting on your elbows. This allows for insertion of the penis. When he is inside you, get him to help you upright and lean back toward his chest for thrusting. This is a great woman on top sex position which allows easy access to your clitoris for either of you.

The Blindfold

An exciting girl on top sex position for him, and one in which he won’t be sure what’s going to happen. Blindfold him and then attach his wrists to the bed so that he is helpless to stop you! Tease him for a little while in whichever way you choose, (maybe giving him a little blow job, but then moving away before he’s anywhere near orgasm.) When you’re ready, straddle him, ride him and help yourself to orgasm using your fingers. He will be so turned on by you taking charge that he won’t be far behind you!